Blue paint : 21 shades for the walls with Little Greene

Little Greene reveals its new range of paint based on the color blue. In total, there are 21 shades including 17 blue unseen to the walls of the house. With this collection of “Blue” capsule, blue, indigo, dressed in a linen color, the turquoise that drives a white Little Greene confirms to us that the blue paint is a color that is easy to live for the decoration of our walls. For the living room, the office, the kitchen, here are 12 photos to discover this generous collection paint.

The blue paint inspired by the walls

The 21 shades of blue capsule collection called “Blue” paint Little Greene

Presented in Paris in recent days, the 21 shades including 17 new colors, the new blue of the painting collection “Blue” created by Little Greene opened up perspectives of decoration for the rooms of the house, full d’originality and character. The ocean Blue or navy blue until’in blue linen, and turquoise, the color color paint brand we made sure to crack for the blue. From the living area to the kitchen blue, like Deco Cool, fall for these new shades to build your wall decorations. All the new range of blue color is available in all paint finishes offered by Little Greene. Example of prices : acrylic Paint, matt absolute or emulsion satin 38 ? for a pot of 1L.

paint blue and linen color for the walls of the exhibition

Little Greene
Paint Route One 254 : color Air Force Blue 260 and Slaked Lime-Deep 150 Little Greene.
color navy blue to reveal the deco design d’a white salon

Little Greene
Paint shade Royal Navy 257 Little Greene

A blue paint to boost the color of the dining room

Little Greene
Navy Paint Blue 95, Mazarine 256, Ultra Blue 264, and Air Force Blue 260 Little Greene

Softness of the Blue with a grey paint taupe for decoration of dining room trend

Little Greene
Paint Delicate Blue 248, Pale Wedgwood 249 and Arquerite 250.

color Rengency Blue wakes up the decor in the kitchen

Little Greene
Paint Rengency Blue 253, Pale Berlin 258 and Delicate Blue 248

The new color of Ultra blue limited edition at Little Greene

Little Greene
Paint Ultra Blue 264 and Linen Wash 33
turquoise to freshen up its decor with a mural painting

Little Greene
Paint Old School Blue 259

azure-blue on a wall panel energizes a room painted in linen

Little Greene
Paint Moon Shadow 261 and Slaked Lime Deep 150

walls mind a return to the grand large with a tint of blue paint

Little Greene
Paint shade Woad 251

Association refined paint blue color for the decor of the salon

Little Greene
Paint Hampstead, Dock Blue 252 and Penumbra with Celestial Blue 101.

The painting of the office emphasizes its development by the color in a room

Little Greene
Paint Dock Blue 252 and Celestial White 262.

These photos are examples of l’possible use of the new capsule collection called “Blue” for the decoration of the main rooms of the house. By choosing the suitable finish to the functions of the room, each of these color paint can also invest the bathroom, l’entrance, corridor and serve as a basis for the decoration for the TOILET.

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