8 decorating ideas to make a headboard cheap

Make the head of the bed, a clever idea to give a unique style to your deco room. A beautiful headboard cheap, wood, in pallet or painted, make the full of creative ideas for your headboard.

deco, with a little creativity everything is allowed and c’is not our room who will say the opposite ! Then it is of advantage to make the head of the bed like a pro and for cheap ! For the comfort and look of your deco room is transformed in a few hours thanks to a head end of the bed original and certainly not expensive, tap into our inspirations to DIY deco and realize, for example, a bed head palette , or a headboard painted super cannon to a room of adult. And why not make a headboard, bulkhead to get a bed with storage for three times nothing ? Those are some decoration ideas for your room so that it is easy to decline in a child room or in a room teen !

Make a headboard palette

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To make a bed head palette, such as this restful white house, it is very simple ! Get two pallets of wood in a landfill, and sand-to eliminate the maximum of splinters. Remove nails. Attach the two pallets from the rear with a bracket assembly and cover them with the color paint of your choice. Attach pallets to the wall with screws or brackets, and then wedge the bed against it. To finish off, match with sheets, a lamp and a bedside co-ordinated to the head of the bed.

From BA13 to make a headboard cheap

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To make this headboard with storage built-in, it is very simple. Draw a floor plan to the height of your choice. For the width, add width of bed + width of one or two bedside tables + thickness of the back. please bring Boards BA13 to mount a mini bulkhead that will serve as the head of the bed. Take a trip back to constitute an alcove cosy. Ask finally a shelf in painted wood, fixed to the BA13 with ankles appropriate. You get a bed with storage that does that,’a with the head of the bed.

Make a headboard, nightstands with built-in

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The head of the bed is a fundamental element of the decor in this suite. Here, it has been manufactured using the elements of lacquered wood, but you could do the same the head of the bed with the BA13, or plywood fixed to a frame of furring strips. Plan a niche in the wood on each side, which will act as a stand for a book or your phone.

Produce in an hour a headboard painted

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If you do not have a lot of time to make this headboard in a few minutes : the longest is the drying time of the paint ! Buy bare chassis for canvas in a shop of fine arts, or fabricate your own with the cleats cut the bevel. Paint the frames, and let dry. Cut out two pieces of cotton cloth (e.g. an old sheet) a bit larger than the frame. Draw a pattern of the head of the bed the original in pencil, and when you are satisfied, switch back to the permanent marker black. Staple the canvas to the frame, and attach it to the wall of the room.

head of A bed easy to do

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It has made this great head of bed with two old doors just assembled side-by-side. A wooden headboard good practice to mount wall sconces to provide lighting to the room.
decoration Idea
: Like in this room, paint the ceiling to echo the colors in the shades of the accessories, and put forward the’appearance warm wood of the headboard is a good idea.

We produce a bed-head with the bottle

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there is almost nothing to do on this beautiful headboard that also serves as a separator piece in a room under the eaves. Performed with louvers, mottled in a flea attached to a beam and reinforced the bottom with locking tabs. It retains the detail of the two chandeliers to drop down very low to use as a bedside lamp.

Make his bed-head version of milky way

© Hotel du Petit Moulin.
It has been flashed on this headboard, black and gold ! For the manufacture of the same, operate directly on the mouldings of your room, or tack a frame to the wall. Paint the entire wall black, frame included. Paste stickers gold stars or paint. For a beautiful effect in constellation, put drops of paint in white, yellow, and gilded with a brush. It is nothing more than to go to bed admiring our bed-head galaxy that we make with love !

headboard not expensive to do with planks

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It is necessary here to make a formwork, which will serve as the head of the bed in the middle of the planks already sawn to the same length. It is the same principle that for the creation of a bed head palette, except that it uses boards wider and raw wood. For the finishing touches, prefer a patina of natural color, a wax to enhance l’aspect of wood. It should be noted that this type of bed head cheap can provide you with a bedside table if your bedroom is small.

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