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Your deco living room do you like more ? Change ! Choose an art deco style that suits you. Living room rather design, cocooning, industrial, or zen, through to the furniture chosen, the color and some decorative accessories, bring the novelty to your living room.

It’s decided, we change the deco of the show ! And no need to do heavy work, often a simple lick of paint, a sofa, cushions or a new wooden coffee table are enough to make your living room the taste of the day. For a harmonious result, it is necessary before all of the accessories and furniture that you like, while remaining consistent. Deco-Cool offers you to choose the art deco style that speaks to you the most for your living room : design, cocooning, zen, or rather a deco scandinavian or industrial.

to give priority to the deco cocooning in the living room

©The St Georges
It adopts the codes of the deco pampering in this beautiful salon lyonnais : painting cream white (not pure white is too cold), pillows to curl up on his sofa, and a carpet with long hairs to keep the toes warm ! Ideally, the furniture is in wood, such as this pair of nesting tables. Prefer also wooden flooring solid : if this is not feasible in your budget for now, crack on a PVC imitation wood. But what makes the whole atmosphere of the show, it is the installation of the atrium interior : it separates the sitting area from the dining room, while allowing light to pass through the spectacular suspension from the ceiling !
The basics of the deco cocooning in the lounge : warm tones and relaxing, the pillows comfortable, the wood, a soft light.

bid on a deco-industrial in the living room

Seen on Pinterest.
For a deco industrial in the living room, bet on of the metallic elements in association with the raw wood. Please do not hesitate to place a few pieces of vintage furniture, as these two armchairs design, and the rug pattern checkerboard pattern that make the deco ! This room also benefits from solid parquet raw, that you can reproduce version mini price with a PVC coating or even a tile imitation wood. For the walls, there’s no need to live in a loft in brick red : find this effect with a wall covering imitation bricks. Insert for concrete facing brick Workshop, 27,90? m2, Leroy Merlin.
The basics of the deco lounge indus : vintage furniture, home accessories in metal and wood, red bricks.

deco living room contemporary design

©David Butler
If you’re rather trendy living room design, the key is to focus your decoration on some beautiful furniture. In this show, it was decided to can be separated, the sofa : a large sofa in white, flanked by two armchairs in dark blue and an ottoman two-seater with two cushions creams coexist harmoniously.
remember for a deco design in the living room : some contemporary furniture with well-chosen, a palette of sober colors.

Make a zen décor in a living room grey

Seen on Pinterest.
this is a deco living room grey who has the seal ! It feels like a calming, immediate by looking at this contemporary ambiance and zen at the same time. A big corner sofa white brings brightness to the decor of this room, the wall painted a beautiful gray slate and wooden floors in dark oak. To reproduce this look in your living room gray, get rid of the space and only keep the essential furniture that you like : a sofa, an armchair, a coffee table. Garnish with a suspension geometry, and don’t forget to invite the nature with a bouquet of fresh flowers.
to be used for a living room zen style chic : paint colors with sober, clean lines, de-cluttering of the room, natural materials.

Adopt the deco scandinavian style in the living room

©Paulina Arcklin
We love the deco scandinavian in the living room of this former farmhouse of Dutch old more than 100 years old ! We concocted a mixture of decorative accessories, modern and vintage, for a result full of personality. To recreate this ambiance in your living room white, use of natural materials, for example with a leather chair or a stool in rattan. The wood is also a great value for which you do not get tired, like with this coffee table in plain wood, or wood logs for the fireplace that it does not hide. Some details ethnics as cushions oriental is also a good decoration idea.

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