12 rooms under the eaves which give decoration ideas

A room under the eaves, this is a good decoration idea ! Room d’friends or room d’an adult appointed in the attic, take advantage of the beams and the sloping roof to install around the color a little cocoon original. here are 12 deco room under the eaves of a dream.


The dust s’installs in the attic ? Clean up the to make it a beautiful room, enjoy l’architecture of the slope under roof and games of the beautiful beams to d’design a bedroom under roof of character to the decor charming.
Around the beams of wood, the floor, the room becomes a little cocoon under the roof with a color, bright room made of white and flax, blue is soothing, decor is understated and warm to relax and rest in peace under the eaves. Get inspired by these 12 photos of master suite and room d’friends at the deco to zen, baroque or cocooning selected on Pinterest to build yours.

A room under the eaves with the decor all white

Splendid architecture of the roof to a white room, which is installed in the attic ! With a decorative all white, wearing a room zen with a matte paint d’a pure white on the walls and beams and a wooden parquet floor white that compliment the headboard and the bench in light wood. A light atmosphere reigns in this room under the eaves where only the dressing table painted in soft green s’adventure to punctuate the room d’a touch of color.

A room d’child finds its place in the attic

A room all cute for the children in the attic, to the decor with natural colours welcoming two children beds. A small piece of nothing that’them in the attic, with a window giving on the garden which brings the brightness, judiciously arranged to make nice dreams all nights and to rest well.

In the attic of the house d’friends awaits its guests

You don’t have enough room to receive your friends for the night ? Use your attic space by installing a beautiful room under the roof that will not fail to seduce them ! Here, the decor of the room in a gradient of gray and blue paint gives charm to this piece all wood and brings a touch of color. A lovely room of character that will no doubt put your guests at l’aise.

A room under the eaves at l’architecture structured by beams

plan a pretty bedroom under the eaves to create a space intimate and cozy. This room is all white l’architecture that is structured by the beams do not lack d’originality. With beautiful transom windows for a bright room that promotes relaxation and well-being, with its small mat, cozy and her little comfortable chair.

A wall pastel color for a nice room in the attic

This is a decor for this room, which finds its place under the eaves ! A deco delicate with a wall painted in green color, pastel, and touches of white and beige. A small swing suspended from the center of the room invites to relaxation and a beautiful carpet on the light wooden flooring. An inspiring decoration of bedroom to stitch for a serene atmosphere.

A parental room ultra cocooning in the attic

A decorative warm in this beautiful room cocooning located in the attic. An atmosphere of serenity with the presence of warm colors of brown, red and chocolate, small boudas decoration and a beautiful carpet which covers the floor of dark oak. A little d’incense and the tower is played for atmosphere ultra zen to relax and indulge.

A room under the eaves zen décor

there is Nothing better than d’organize the attic into a bedroom zen to dream for a little corner of relaxation nothing that’to us. In this room with its small private terrace, the decor is sober and zen s’settled around the linen color and white, d’a small rug in the descent of bed in the shades on the white hardwood floors and dimmed, a pretty lantern and d’a mosquito net in linen veil hanging over the bed. Top !

parental Suite with bathroom in the attic

When one is up in the attic, optimize l’space by installing a beautiful parental suite with a private bathroom, the dream to preserve the tranquility of the parents ! Without the partitioning of hard to enjoy all the outdoor light, l’space, room and room d’water are separated by a mere wall of glass. Here, The bathtub looks great in the master bedroom, very simply decorated with white walls. Sober but efficient !

A nice room in the baroque style in the attic

A style that is very successful for this comfortable room, furnished in the attic ! A deco baroque, which does not lack in character, with a top of bed blue-gray with H&M Home and a beautiful carpet in the same shade of color placed on a parquet board. Beautiful decorative objects and a lantern to highlight the all, we love it !

Deco copper for a room under the eaves

the Operator of the height under the roof, beautiful suspensions copper and black should take its place above the bed of this room in the attic. A decor with the gold and black, for a double room at the bed-head original. Tip deco : the triangles are painted in the stencil with a small pot of paint golden . A room, ideal to welcome your friends !

a villa, A mexican woman with a beautiful room under the eaves

In a villa, a mexican, a beautiful converted bedroom in the attic. A piece unique with its decoration made of materials and natural colours. On the floor, the green carpet d’water painted in geometric patterns brings a note of whimsy unobtrusive to the room. A style made of wood and d’wicker an atmosphere of 100% vacation, an ideal place to relax.

A room under the eaves with a ceiling paneling white

Any other ambiance, decor in this room under the eaves ! The white paint of the beautiful ceiling paneling and beams extends on the walls and the floor. A deco ultra simple highlighted by the nice rugs wool cotton charcoal gray and a lamp articulated industrial-style which give character to the room.

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