12 decorating ideas for styling a long corridor, narrow and dark

And if you were refurbishing the decor of the hallway ? D’first with the painting, a beautiful color to arrange the decoration d’a corridor rather narrow, long or dark and then embellished with the photo frames, shelves, biblio, knick-knacks. Play with these decoration ideas and make your hallway a small original space.

A beautiful decoration hall and c’is the pleasure of’coming and going in the house increases ! Fortunately for the corridors left out, tips on storage and decor exist for the’plan to decorate it properly ! It begins with the painting that gives a colour sympathetic to the corridor, while correcting a narrow hallway or illuminating a dark hallway. Then on s’care of l’aspect functional by providing storage space on shelves or racks for books, coats every day with a door coats original or robe hooks, cabinet d’a nice console. Then comes the phase deco pure with photo frames, paintings, baskets, vases… So make your hallway a place stylish with our tips and find decorating ideas with these pictures of decor corridor selected on Pinterest.

paint red raspberry plant with the decor of the hallway

Full fire on the raspberry color that covers the walls of this corridor character. A red paint in a shade of hot intense, a luminaire design to meet the ground graph and l’idea to paint the doors in black offers a deco well cozy. A bias of colours welcome to dress with elegance the great hall.

A corridor functional with objects retrieve

A long corridor becomes functional and decorative with a accumulation of scrap that is well thought out. In this corridor the walls and floors white, the objects s’orchestrate in a very orderly manner: hooks steels are suspension storage, wooden benches repainted in white and placed along the wall to create a space d’exhibition, drawings on fabric hung with clothespins make the decoration for the walls…The corridor becomes a space to live arty !

paint slate runs a narrow corridor

With chalkboard paint on the walls, the corridor becomes a place of passage recreational ! Good decoration idea to entertain the kids in this narrow space painted in white, the black paint covering the doors of closets ! A long green carpet of light and gives an impression of depth, and a pace chart l’space. To bring light in this dark corridor, the ceiling and the walls are covered d’a white paint finish, satin.

photo frames make the decor of the hallway

In this long narrow hallway, the white paint on the ceiling and walls brings relief and light to the’space, whilst recessed spotlights illuminate the room without compromising on the volume. Each side of the walls an accumulation of photo frames black set the rhythm of the passage, and brings a touch of whimsy to the decor of corridor-style gallery d’art. A good idea to take back to decorate just a narrow passage.

A dark hallway creates a chiaroscuro theatre

The dark corridor area is cozy, with paint, charcoal gray on the walls and the ceiling. To install a deco theatre, l’space is intentionally left dark. The parquet floor golden, spotlights recessed to the ceiling and the lamp decorative addition to them only a luminous note. A party taken daring but well-played to create a light / dark typing.

White and wood give a great look to deco scandinavian in the hallway of l’

In this cramped space, the decoration for the white s’associates with the light wood for a atmosphere-deco scandinavian-fresh and bright. Lockers in wood and wicker baskets, clear, functional, respond artfully against a wall. A carpet graphics and buttons the cuffs of doors placed as the coats add a color accent in the hallway.

Red and black decorate the small hallway

Red and black duo of graphic direction to give the’appearance in the hallway of l’entrance ! Wallpaper 3D effect and posters, COMIC-style framed bring colour and tone to the decor. Handy to check her looks out, the mirror flush against the wall opens, and balance l’space.

The grey pearl for decoration of hallway ‘

Play the duo pearl grey and white paint for the decoration of the corridor c’is the no-fault insured ! On the photo, this narrow corridor becomes simply chic with the paint. Spots to the ceiling bring light into this obscure space and frames of doors, painted in white add elegance to the room. For touch decoration more beautiful antique frames antique and a wooden chair are placed against the wall.

Create a library corner to decorate the hallway

designed as a piece unto itself, this corridor is operated in mini games room for children and a reading corner with a bookcase built into the wall. L’aspect dark color night blue paint is largely compensated by the shelves white and the many colors of the books and knick-knacks that make this corridor a space that is nice decoration for both children and adults.

A wall of red brick is the decor of the hallway

L’ambiance industrial s’installs with the decor of this corridor into a wall of red bricks. A deco asserted that immediately gives style to this narrow corridor in L. The white paint and the chandeliers illuminate the room. A storage space smart, composed d’a door mantels and wall d’shelves for storage of shoes and bags add character to the decor in this hallway d’inspiration loft.

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