10 Deco-style entries stylish which give ideas

C’is decided, on s’attack with the decor of the’entry ! First play and not the least in the house, the design entry should be up to the task ! Colors, storage, layout, original accessories, in the input multiplies the possibilities decor for a space as beautiful as it is functional.

The entry, the piece that sets the tone of l’ambiance decor of the house or l’apartment. Anyone wants to practice for storing coats, shoes and other accessories and of course we want a decoration to the height ! Here are 10 ideas deco original for entry-well-appointed and stylish ! the Range shoes, wardrobe, storage furniture, decorative accessories… make an entry of’modern apartment, town house or even a great entry into a house in the country. N’hesitate to inspire you to construct an input that will make life easier and will give a good first impression as soon as you step over the threshold.

An entry to the deco elegant white

The sweetness and l’elegance reign in this entry nicely and finely decorated. Panelled wood on the walls, white hardwood floors on the ground, old piece of furniture, clin d’eye to Provence with a foot of lavender in the pot and linen curtains, s’harmonize in this entry in a delicate atmosphere and relaxing. A decoration which does not miss charm and which will appeal to all of the shots.

A practical entrance and decoration with storage under stairs

When you don’t know where to put the coat hanger in the’input, create a storage under stairs to remedy this, c’is smart ! Here, we hung a series of hangers secured beneath the stairs and a bitch to remove the shoes quiet. A small space under the’staircase to make room in the’input and maintain the deco of the mess !

The partition wall s’command prompt in the deco d’a small l’

To delineate the’area of the’entry in a small apartment, set up a removable divider to separate l’entry of the stay c’is a good idea ! In this entry where the walls are lined with d’a wallpaper print of lockers with trompe l’eye, the partition wall serves as a break between the hall and the living room. A blue curtain king recalling the cushions of the lounge hides a storage space ideal for storing coats and shoes.

pallet wood decoration in lieu of a closet in the’entry

L’entry must d’be functional, and c’is the case here. A palette of wood fixed on the wall turns to the closet, thanks to hooks suspended to store bags, umbrellas and coats ! With a range-shoes who finds her place in the closet, there is no shortage of storage space and the deco is assured ! Here’s an idea that you can easily replicate at home for cheap for a max effect in the’entry.

An entry decorated with a swing

Here is an entry not trivial ! Elements decor, mirrors, photo frames, cubes shelves adorn the white walls, and a porch swing in wood sits proudly in the middle of the hallway. A beautiful carpet in seagrass on the floor, and beige make an entry in trend and unique in natural colors.

floor Tiles and paint green d’water for the decoration of the’entry

To give a bit of pep to the’entrance of this old house where tommettes are l’honor, we relied on a paint color green d’water objects and recycled materials to illuminate and energize the room. The context of the great mirror is painted in light grey and the old chairs draped in white cotton. This is a deco for spring colors, easy to reproduce to rejuvenate your entry.

decor retro l’

To hide the radiator not very aesthetic in the’input, after having to give a lick of paint radiator in the color that the walls, l’trick, c’is the cache radiator equipped d’a tray of glass, which becomes the console to have candles and small bouquets of flowers. In this corridor, d’entry to the retro style, the floor cement tiles as well as ceiling moldings give character to the decor, all highlighted by a rectangle of paint plum on the ceiling that makes a clin d’look at the color of the door d’entry.

color deco to create the’entry

L’entrance of this home exudes good mood. With the plum-colored small buttons and decorative walls PVC panel, hall d’entry welcomes a lower cabinet equipped with wicker baskets for storing shoes. The coat hanger in the form of’the tree brings a note d’humor, while the candle holder participates to create an atmosphere cocooning.

A storage cabinet for the hall d’entry

With its large area rug in coco and a piece of furniture hyper practical for storing all the family affairs, the decoration of this hall d’input is optimized ! Storage space organized and natural colors highlighted by small candles in the lanterns, this is a decorative welcoming to enter this family home is very charming.

An entry deco with a closet home-made

For a input 100% custom, l’ideal c’is create yourself a small storage space. To achieve this, simply d’assemble rods of wood for a closet in ladder and storage practices. Have boxes in wood for storing shoes at the foot of the closet and the turn is played. this is a deco d’input done with a few odds and ends and ultra stylish.

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