A yellow color for a decorative sparkling

Color deco trend, the yellow wakes up any room of the house ! Light and ultra-vitamin, the color yellow adds a good mood and warmth to the decor of our interiors. Then, yellow splashes of colour to repaint a wall or in a total look on a piece of furniture or to paint a ceiling, you can choose in our selection.

The yellow is a sunny color and the warm, amazing to wake up one inside a little monochrome !
Very bright, a paint color yellow combined with shades of neutral colors on the walls or the ceiling d’one-piece enlarges a small space and brings the breath volumes close.
Chosen on decorative objects or used in color paint furniture, color yellow, sparkling and ultra-toned anime and rate n’any room. With in a shades of complementary colours or a palette of coordinated, yellow, love all the mixes !
The proof : paint yellow color is ultra-modern bride with light shades of white or beige. A l’inverse with a grey paint or black, the yellow color expresses the whole of his tone.
deco, this bright color is adapted to all needs : to boost a dark room, enlarge a small room, a booster for a small kitchen or narrow space, warm deco living room grey… Find just of the examples in the image and see how to use the color yellow to give it some pep’s to all parts of the house !

A wall of yellow color for a kitchen with added vitamins !

© Castorama
The kitchen is full of vitamins with a yellow paint on its walls ! Used in two shades to paint the credence table, the yellow brings the whole tone of the piece. Two modern colours and co-ordinated the plan of work for white to make the decoration of this modern kitchen. Painting kitchen color “Lemon Sorbet” Satin, 47,90? 2L. Dulux Valentine.

chairs color yellow to balance the decor of the salon

© Seen on Pinterest
Two chairs shells yellow design will stand out in this living look scandinavian. Placed on each side of the wooden table, they add gaiety and color in this room with the dark walls, while enlivening the decor with modernity. Their contemporary look blends perfectly with the suspension to white light. Good plan cocooning for the’winter: place blankets in fake furs to warm up the iron chairs.

A hallway light with a color paint-yellow

© Seen on Pinterest
To give the pip’s this deco hallway made difficult by its great length, a portion of the white walls is painted with a yellow color to create the effect of a tunnel of light. A luminaire is placed in the area painted in yellow to enhance the brightness and give relief to this corridor long and narrow. Combined with the white painted walls the color yellow expresses here all its brightness, and breaks the sense of depth in this corridor. Well played !

A yellow paint to liven up a white room

© Seen on Pinterest
the yellow circle is painted on the white wall of the white room to animate the entire piece. The linens chosen in shades matching and the bedside lamp style indus finish this deco streamlined. A good idea to redo it very easily with a remnant of yellow paint to energize a room monochrome.

pops of color yellow wake up in the living room grey

© Seen on Pinterest
Blankets and large pillows in wool blue-and-yellow oil, to give a nice boost to the black sofa in the living room design ! Placed in key color, the yellow ultra vitamin-enriched revives the simple tones of the decoration living room contemporary. Warm and bright, the yellow is the perfect showcase, this deco d’a subtle swatch of gray with a parquet floor wood grey painted walls grey mouse.

Repaint a cabinet, yellow in a children’s room grey

© Seen on Pinterest
To redo the decor of the child room not worth any break ! Use a yellow color “firecracker” to repaint the’old cabinet and add a good dose of originality to the room. Take care over the decoration by placing a paper painted grey with assorted patterns to enhance the room with poetry.

paint color yellow to brighten up the ceiling of the kitchen grey

© Seen on Pinterest
Paint a ceiling in a color other than white in a small kitchen s’is an efficient way to give him the volume when’it the kitchen is in a dominant color neutral. Here, the yellow paint on the ceiling and the descent d’a few inches on the walls in the kitchen, gray brings without a doubt tone to the room. Associated with a wall coated in concrete, the yellow takes here all its modernity. The yellow color also softens l’raw aspect of concrete and white tiles.

A band of yellow color structure of the room blue and grey

© Castorama
In this deco room blue and grey, with a yellow color painted all the walls in the structure that makes the room. A lick of paint thought of as a beam of light to delineate a space with softness and modernity that resonates with the painting of the door and the carpet of cotton wool. A bias color original and very deco !

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