A storage kitchen decor even without closets

A storage kitchen decor even without closets

Well to put his kitchen when there is a lack of cupboards and space can quickly become a nightmare ! Find the parade by adopting our tips storage kitchen 100% deco, and practices, and follow our tips to have a decor kitchen well-ordered, whatever your needs.

Organize the storage of your small kitchen, lining several shelves of’the angle at the top of the work plan and adapt their look to l’art deco style to your kitchen. Wood shelves in a kitchen, scandinavian style or shelves stainless steel, in a small industrial kitchen, you can choose your storage options.
also Consider the storage space to suspend as the ranges-and bottles bar storage kitchen so useful to always have on hand ladle, spatulas, and all of your kitchen utensils !

Enjoy your kitchen without cupboard to give it a look scandinavian by exposing white dishes and wooden kitchen utensils on a cabinet open in the kitchen. Cups and salad bowls mismatched surrounded by pots to spice transparent, and wooden spoons will be the most beautiful effect presented proudly in the middle d’an open kitchen or on a work-plan design.

Limit your budget, retrieving jars of jam or preserves for the storage of cutlery and utensils you will need at the time of the preparation of meals. Transform a piece of furniture recycling without door-dresser atypical, renovating an old piece of furniture, attach the boards on the brackets at the top of the work plan for storing dishes and spices…
Has every kitchen’s storage space, you can create one by taking example on these photos and save space in the kitchen !

The storage of the kitchen with the dishes of color

© Tamie Snow
Makeover a piece of furniture scrap to make a tidy kitchen, a good option to customize the decoration of kitchen ! Here the facade of the furniture is painted in white and the hooks are set under the shelves for hanging cups and mug. Without a door, this storage unit is ultra-convenient and accessible to have plates and bowls on hand on the work plan. You can color it then with crockery multi-coloured.

Shelves of stainless steel and the suspension in the storage of industrial kitchen

© Seen on Pinterest
storage ensure the design of the industrial kitchen ! Shelves stainless steel lined well and wisely on the plan of work in wood, modernizing the sink porcelain and the wooden table. Bar and the storage attached to the ceiling plays the reminders friendly pots, pans and lids, stainless steel. In the end, a mix design, rustic very successful.

 Tableware retro for the storage of kitchen vintage

Expose your dishes on shelves above the work plan and give your retro kitchen. Attach hooks on the first shelf, and add a line of storage colourful with coffee cups or mugs.

Tidying up the kitchen, lining up utensils, glass and wood shelves

Animate the credence table of black kitchen by putting clear glasses, trivet of wood and small baskets in wicker on the shelves. This mix of materials of wood and glass is perfect for lighting the black paint on the credence-table cuisine.

storage of kitchen style antiques

Stack of dishes of the time on a kitchen table and a cabinet locker storage, and transform the kitchen in antiques shop !

Storage of scandinavian kitchen

Create a look of the scandinavian in the kitchen it is easy by exposing white dishes and kitchen utensil wood on these shelves white

When the cookware becomes deco !

Why not divert the use of a panel hardboard to make the storage of your kitchen utensils ? Painted black and mounted to the wall, it adds a few nails to be able to hang pot, pan and cheese grater.

Showcase his beautiful tableware in an old piece of furniture

Give your look authentic in the kitchen adopting an old piece of furniture as storage in the kitchen and expose them to the inside your most beautiful dishes. Slide on the lower part of the bags or closed boxes for storage of tablecloths and towels.

 storage Space in the kitchen home made

storage space and super structured with lower shelves, two baskets, wicker underneath and a connection to roulette. Simple to redo and effective way to increase storage space without losing the place in the kitchen.

storage gives color to the kitchen with white

Storage stylish on the splashback of the kitchen with niches around the hood. The books of kitchen on one side, the glasses and the plates of the other, up to you to organize your installation to storage.

Storage special budget in the kitchen

Two boards are cut and installed on brackets, two suspension bars kitchen referred to against the wall of credence, and that’s a tidy kitchen at low cost and ultra complete !

Optimize its storage kitchen column

A piece of furniture of separation open also serves as storage of kitchen. Every floor has its use : one for plates, another for pots and pans, and kitchen accessories, a last to receive the storage boxes closed…

corner shelves clever in the kitchen

With these corner shelves above the work plan raised to the ceiling with no space wasted in this kitchen !

A storage crunch in a kitchen retro

Has chewable this small kitchen white decoration around two shelves vintage white posed one above the other. They are not only cute but also very practical with led lighting and hooks to store cups, bowls, and plates.

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