The open kitchen dares black to do deco

The kitchen open on l’imagine often white for its interior decoration, neutral is easy to combine with the colors of the living room or the dining room on which it s’opens. Another color suits him well, c’is the black. To convince you, here is a selection of open kitchens or the black is in the heart of the deco.

In an open kitchen, the black one to its place regardless of its style. With a central island, wood flooring, exposed beams, black s’calls on the walls with paint, splashback kitchen with the tiling for a decor kitchen character. Another possibility, while also deco, enjoy d’a glass roof and black interior to open the kitchen on a space where the white gives it a brightness advantage. Among these eight photos, check out some black kitchen appeals to you the most to re-design yours.

An open kitchen is deco with black

In this kitchen, a atrium interior opens the’space on the living room and l’unity between the volumes. Implanted in L with black furniture it leaves it to the necessary place in l’aménagement d’a dining area which serves as dining room. A solution made possible thanks to the wide opening provided by the canopy which breaks the border with the living room.

An open kitchen and black and grey industrial style

Atmosphere indus in a contemporary kitchen and open wear in a palette of neutral colors. Wall of the credence in decorative plaster work, stone, and concrete floor are worked in the same shade of gray for kitchen furniture, l’household appliances and accessories, black express their power deco. To break the monochrome, pink and yellow s’displayed with a few pots and other small accessories.

A small kitchen in length, which opens to the living room

It plays on the atmosphere workshop in this small kitchen canopy, of which the windows provide an opening to the living room to not feel cramped. In order to ease the circulation and increase the’intake of light, we removed the door of the kitchen opening to the dining room. The splashback tile checkered black and white brings the fantasy and the contrast with the work plan and the hood and to avoid the total black look.

An open kitchen with a black dining

Installed on a single wall panel, this american kitchen open on l’living area. To give the pace to the great black wall of the splashback tile is laid in various formats with for some reasons . Good point deco for the floating floor in the same tone as the facades of the lower cabinets.

A kitchen as a central island open to the living room

This kitchen ultra clean open on the living room plays on contrasts. The interior, painted and furnished in white, to contrast with the bar and the ceiling black, which delimit the space. You get a kitchen fully compartmentalized, but that breathes thanks to its wide opening. A composition design in black and white which is a warm atmosphere thanks to the parquet in teak that covers the whole l’open space.

Black and wood kitchen, open loft-style

bistro Ambiance industrial in this kitchen with a bar, installed in the opening on the living room. The front wall made of ancient bricks and marries beautifully with the polished concrete black applied in credence. The shelves and the bar in solid wood soften the decor of this kitchen, loft-open, and very masculine.

A kitchen chalet with corner meal open

the successful Marriage of black and wood in this large kitchen with dining island. The opening is very distinctly marked by a change of floor covering, from a charcoal grey almost black in the flooring clear. The framework defines also the space of the open kitchen, with a big beam apparent in which are fixed three suspension and an articulated foot. It retains the idea of the big kitchen table that opens onto the living room. Below, the space is not lost since?%99on has placed large storage cupboards for crockery.

A kitchen under the beams that opens onto the dining area

contemporary decor leaves its place to the old charm of a renovated farm. The evidence in this kitchen full of unique detailing, such as the fenestron open onto the patio and the exposed beams. L’unit’open space is done by the concrete floor black that picks up the tones of the work plan and the credence table and the dining area furnished with a solid wood table made-to-measure and chairs rattan mismatched.

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