Do a makeover of her kitchen : 5 coatings not expensive at all

Your kitchen is rather old-fashioned ? Do her makeover with these 5 ideas of coatings cheap ! Painting, tiling, adhesive, lino… Deco Cool gives you decorating ideas to makeover her cooking to not expensive.

You want to redo your decor of the kitchen but the wallet behind the leg ? No problem, renovate-fully with these 5 coverings are not expensive for the kitchen. Walls to the ground through the work plan, discover the materials which will pamper your budget limit in order to modernize the kitchen !

paint kitchen for a makeover not expensive

The painting, a trick-deco-perfect to transform the kitchen quickly without spending a fortune. It takes around 35/40 euros for two litres of paint gloss or satin special kitchen. If you want your paint holds up over time with the projections and the’moisture, however, do not choose the first price. Instead, adopt a quality product in one of the best brand of paint as V33, Dulux Valentine, or Astral that offer price a tad higher but very reasonable. When you makeover kitchen, you can repaint the furniture with a painting furniture kitchen specific compatible with any type of support. From 2 litres of paint to cover l’set of furniture, a fifties d’euros. It is d’agree that c’is much cheaper than to buy kitchen furniture new !

tiling and splashback cheap way to makeover her kitchen

The tile is found in all prices c’is safe, but when we know that the price d’a tiled or d’a tiled kitchen 10X10cm classic white or color starts around 4 euros, there is plenty of fun for cheap. Has this will of course add the price of the tools required for cutting and laying the tiles. A equipment that you can rent for a l’occasion, if you do the installation alone(e) in Kiloutou, for example, or l’borrow from friends. Add the cost of the hand d’work if you prefer to use a l’artisan .
To the credence table, if that is covered d’a painting, you have two solutions to do deco without breaking the bank. or give a lick of paint special credence for ease of maintenance (about £ 15 a jar 0.5 L), either lay the tile large or small tiles, the first prize in tile fantasy start at 5 euros. Last solution, ask a credence alu, ( 20 euros per sheet) or glass cup in the same price zone.

soil cheap PVC or lino for the kitchen

A new floor (lino or pvc, c’is ideal to make a deco kitchen without breaking the bank. Very resistant, made of natural fibers, the lino is sold in 2 or 4 meters wide. Please allow 7 to 9 euros for the first prize, taking care to choose a lino d’a beautiful thickness that will fit with frequent visits in the kitchen. The lino was laid on a tile floor, concrete, or wooden floors. If the tiling of the kitchen to the hollows and bumps, blend these defects with a layer d’insulation under the lino.
To the floor pvc a only precaution to take, choose special moisture-proof. l’effect decoration PVC floor in the kitchen is, without a doubt. Imitation tiles, wooden floors or polished concrete vinyl is available in a wide roll, or in the form of strips lockable even easier to ask. The floor vinyl cost between 20 and 35 euros per m2 in the entry level price of mid-range. For this two

A plan of work laminate : l’ idea kitchen small budget !

A work plan in the laminate will be less expensive than’a plan of the work in a material such as stone, Corian, glass cut to measure. Laminate, you will find them ready to put in from 6 euros. Beware of entries that range even less expensive, a work plan must withstand the heat of pots and pans, and do not curl under l’effect of the’water around l’sink. Add to the expense of the edge strip in a color that matches the work plan and the d’a cartridge of silicone o-ring to refurbish the joints along the wall of splashback around the hob and l’sink.

A splashback in new kitchen with tile adhesive

The tile adhesive, cheap, quick to install and ultra deco, this is still a bargain to revamp his kitchen at a low price, d’as well as models to pose in credence are many. For example with a tile adhesive Smart Tiles you have the option of sticking a band d’a height of two plates of tiles along the plan of work for the price of ? 3.60. To mount the tile adhesive up’to the hood, it is about 15 euros M2.

With all these ideas, which may again say that do a makeover of a kitchen is expensive ! Surely not us ! D’elsewhere find images and examples of renovation top with these materials in the kitchen.

Ask a credence tile adhesive aluminium

Top design the kitchen with its beautiful credence alu carried out with tile adhesive. Sold in pack of 3 panels of 0.5 mm, these tiles adhesives have simply with a sponge and are easy to cut with a knife. Resistant to humidity and to heat, they naturally find their place near the cooking plates and form a deco credenza kitchen ultra modern. The more deco : finish intox brushed, adds a touch of design to the room.

laminated work surface slate gray to boost its cuisine

color-slate grey appearance of stone, this worktop laminate provides a beautiful surface to prepare easy meals or take his lunches on the go. Assembly with a nice thick 38mm and made of particleboard agglomerated water-repellent, laminated work surface, ultra-resistant, not afraid or scratches or shocks.

A tile mural cheap for its cuisine

Very contemporary, this wall tile look stone structured arises on the walls but also on the ground. Its edges monocalibre with joints purposes, make its installation very easy. Compound wholesale porcelain enamelled tinted in the mass, very resistant, this tile offers a quality/ price ratio interesting. He can s’agree with many mosaics related, and suits all styles of decor of the kitchen.

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