Kitchen vintage s’says in the deco trend

The kitchen vintage is more than ever a deco trend ! Drawing its inspiration decor in the 50’s to the 80’s, the kitchen of vintage style shows of today’hui that’it’inscribed in time and modernity. Kitchen furniture, household appliances, floor tiles and subway, cement tiles and colors, the proof with these 10 photos of kitchens at the top at l’ambiance assertive vintage.

codes d’a kitchen vintage

furniture in wood or formica, appliances, venus d’another time, cement tiles, the white tiles or suspensions fifties, one thing is for sure, the kitchen vintage n’has not its like on’facilities original. To do a makeover of her kitchen in a vintage style you can even juggle with genres. A touch of scandinavian, modern or old school, every kitchen its preference deco. And side color, kitchen, white, pink, retro, pastel-colored or wood, the kind vintage accepts fantasies, deco as long as the usability remains at the heart of this family room. So if you are looking for a decoration idea kitchen temperament, marked, Deco Cool you to embark in his time machine, in the direction of the kitchens deco 50’s, returned to the sauce 2015 !

kitchen vintage spirit of recycling

This kitchen vintage china objects, scraps of a flea market to create a deco-unique.

©Marchi Group
In a kitchen, retro the vintage objects and furniture from recycled materials are hyper trend. Unearthed in flea markets for example, these elements deco, table, chair, cupboards and other items to help d’install a kitchen at a lower cost. They are also very useful to give the stamp and l’authenticity to a room.

An Ikea kitchen Method deco vintage

The new collection of kitchens, Ikea adopts the retro style trend at this time.

This year the fashion for vintage puts the small dishes in the large by s’displays such as the trend deco of the time. In this kitchen Ikea from catalogue 2015 Ikea Method, a retro atmosphere reigns. Extractor hood, tiling to the splashback, the kitchen furniture, while s’grant to put in a kitchen so mid-century !

Deco white and wood in a kitchen vintage

user-Friendly, this kitchen is sailing between vintage and scandinavian style.

©Blood and Champagne
The decor in this small kitchen vogue between vintage and ambiance déco scandinave. The table and wooden benches set the tone nordic, while the cabinet under the sink and white tiles of the splashback retain their allure original after a lick of paint refreshing. The pans of copper suspended above the work plan are definitely the kitchen area in a vintage vibe.

vintage Vibe behind glass workshop in the kitchen

In a kitchen tend to be the retro fashion glass d’workshop is an idea-deco-top.

©Liberty/Deco Photo by Anne-Sophie Nebout
Construct a glass workshop in an open kitchen gives an immediate effect old. Very in vogue at the moment, this installation of wall or removable hard-strengthens the personality of the decoration that wraps around the kitchen. Add to that a tile retro floor, stools and copper to support l’atmosphere is vintage and the kitchen can without problem s’fit out with furniture offering modern functions.

this is A formica kitchen c’is more cheesy c’is vintage

The furniture in formica are back in the kitchen retro in order to give more relief to the decoration.

The formica made its come-back in the kitchen ! Dressing the work plan, the table or storage furniture, melamine, heat-resistant, takes all the deco in the kitchen to make a return in the past. Colourful green d’water for example, it echoes the vintage chairs of this kitchen, which opts for a red to be more modern. Picking up on the style d’yesteryear, the hood of wrought iron and glass brings a touch of charm.

kitchen vintage furniture with wood and cement tiles

The cement tiles on the floor in a kitchen vintage are an effortless charm like no other.

The cement tiles in a kitchen are more than ever d’actuaity in deco. With their geometric motifs, they come back in the house and especially in the kitchen. In floor tiling or splashback, these tiles decor give the kitchen an old charming and friendly especially when they are warmed by solid wood furniture.

kitchen furniture modern modern twist vintage

The deco is reinvented with kitchen furniture wood modern, associated with an extractor hood, an oven and a refrigerator Smeg vintage

©Inspirations Kitchen
modern kitchen furniture can be designed around d’a household appliance vintage. C’is the case with this kitchen, which combines both styles in a perfect harmony. Hood in enameled, fridge, stove and sink vintage s’part of the contemporary look of the furniture wood-mounted on feet stainless steel.

kitchen white, vintage and clean

This kitchen white set on a tiled subway and a checkered floor for s’register in the trend of vintage.

kitchen white is also a candidate for a deco vintage. In addition to the refrigerator old, this kitchen combines bar stools, retro, suspensions, copper and white furniture to create ambience. A tiled, checkerboard, and a credence tile subway come meet the old school style of that reign.

A small kitchen, blue retro style

doors kitchen furniture blue, a work plan zinc, a good basis for a vintage scene

©Donkey and the Carrot blog
The kitchen blue has proven itself in the field of decoration. And this small kitchen decidedly vintage is a fine example of adopting a blue for the doors of furniture equipped with handles, wood-and alu-look old. To assert his style, she opts for a plan of work zinc, and a store ship with fabric fifties.

decor vintage for a spacious kitchen

In a large kitchen, the style old school decor adds warmth and a friendly atmosphere to the decor.

©Blood and Champagne
In a large kitchen, the challenge is d’bring the heat through the deco. A wooden table, stools found down out of the attic or brocantés, a work plan, marble and cement tiles on the wall and the ground are as much d’items that adorn a spacious kitchen vintage. Enough to create a friendly, authentic and warm where it is good to eat small meals as a family.

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