An interior glass wall to enlarge the space

The glass d’inside, a separation that has the class to let in the light, enlarge a room deco. In the kitchen, the living room, the master suite, let yourself be seduced by these skylights interior full of charm and d’assets.


The atrium interior s’calls in our decoration for our greatest happiness. Trend and full d’assets, the canopy is the solution deco to separate a room while maintaining the light. C’is also the good way d’expand’space, d’optimize its design and d’add a note a tendency to a room. Whether in the kitchen, the parlor, or the master suite, the canopy lacks neither charm nor d’practical benefits. Then n’wait, let the light in your rooms and maximize your home interior with this decorative element a must!!

A glass shop to enlarge l’inside the kitchen

Furniture in wood, color black and designer lighting fixtures, industrial look combine in this kitchen where the canopy of’interior enhances the deco and l’ambiance ! A kitchen canopy who wins in a space, enjoying the view of the dining room. A decoration idea to remember to build a linear kitchen furniture additional support on the wall under the glass roof.

Glass d’inside into a master bedroom suite with a small bathroom

Up to the brightness in this suite where the light is waiting for you in the bathroom through the construction of a skylight, inner, ultra-trendy

L’effortless charm of this lovely suite is undoubtedly its canopy interior ! The corner night is separated from the bathroom by a canopy-style workshop to compensate for the’absence of a window and give an impression of grandeur to the’space. A considerable advantage compared to l’aménagement d’a partition wall a classic.

glass d’inside to illuminate a kitchen design

Here, the canopy takes place from floor to ceiling to enhance a kitchen open on a vast stay design. A landscaping decoration that doubles the volume of the room while providing a brightness significant of the kitchen.

The hallway of l’entrance enlarged by a glass roof interior

A enter dark and narrow which gives on a corridor that is monotonous, c’is not top notch as the host ! In this case, the canopy of’interior overlooking the kitchen is a solution to deco to adopt to enlarge the’space of the corridor and give life to the’entry.

glass d’inside in the dining room brightens the kitchen

Mission d’design deco more than successful with this canopy d’inside letting through enough light to illuminate the small kitchen and separate quietly from the dining room ! The little more, a sliding door to completely close or open the room according to his preferences and needs !

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