Folding napkin table Christmas for dummies

the folding of The towels for Christmas

folding napkins for Christmas, an art some might say ! Or, to make a Christmas decoration that casts and that is at the height of the’occasion, l’originality is key. But don’t worry, no need d’a folding towel sophisticated for a holiday table beautifully decorated. We’ve dug up on the canvas of the folding towels easy to do for all styles of decoration that you can proudly place it on your Christmas dinner. There will be more that’complement the deco d’a centre table, beautiful candles and the table will be the height of your dreams.

Folding towel in the shape of a Christmas rose

To form this beautiful white rose, fold the towel in half to form a triangle, then roll the towel to get a long coil starting from the tip of the triangle. Final step, wrap the ends of the towel to form a spiral, this is a folding towel also nice that easy !

another version of folding in the shape of a flower. The folding technique is the same, then it is enough to drop the towel in a white cup and d’add the branches are green to create a nice contrast.

the Third idea of folding towels in the shape of a rose. Here, a first towel green is placed in a wine glass to form the foliage and a towel rose rolled to the center of the flower.

Folding with a napkin ring golden

If white and gold are the dominant colors of your Christmas table, here’s a way to fold the towels that will enhance your dishes. Made with a napkin decorated in the colors of Christmas that you find easily in the radius specializing in your favorite store. Another tip, make one yourself with a curtain ring and a floral adornment in metal fixed to the’ring in the’using’a glue or twine, then simply d’an aerosol for all s’dress d’gold.

A folding table red and silver

A folding of the towel which confirms that’he n’is the need to make it complicated to have a table decoration successful for Christmas. You have to inspire you and select a color of towel that matches your plates.

A sprig of fir in the towel Christmas

Red and Green, the colors queens to celebrate Christmas ! A bend always as easy to achieve with a small branch of fir, ball and ribbon which can be the rest of the ribbon that is used for your gift packages that will bring plates white or ivory.
Has your tables, c’is now up to you to play !

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