Create a deco-chic with his painting kitchen

To boost its deco kitchen without any change, painting kitchen c’is the dream. Wall painting, to tiling, or furniture, make the full of decorating ideas for painting your kitchen with style.

Paint n’not like to boost the decor of the kitchen in record time and a limited budget ! And if in the matter of deco a white paint is always a tendency in the kitchen, a vibrant red, a green tonic, a brown or beige authentic, or a pretty gray color that is timeless in paint on a wall or in a total look succession d’a notch l’allure, and l’atmosphere in the kitchen. Before you take the brush, take inspiration from our 18 ideas paint for kitchen decoration chic.

painting kitchen inspiring decoration ideas

Nothing such as a paint tomato red to enhance a industrial kitchen dominated by the color gray and black ! Attention, however, paint the ceiling in white so as to not overwrite the volumes, especially in a small kitchen. Paint Gazpacho, Colours Castorama.

paint to makeover the furniture of the kitchen

Repaint the cupboards of your kitchen to changing your style without breaking the bank. And if you have the chance d’have a kitchen canopy, give it a lick of paint also on the jambs of the canopy, the top of the bar, the work plan and exposed beams with this painting in all media.

paint, allied kitchen white

Paint a pattern or an inscription stenciled on a gray background pearl, a good decoration idea to give originality to a kitchen white a little too sober.

conversely, for a deco tonic and vitamin, mix a paint saffron yellow to paint table black with kitchen furniture white to customize your kitchen. Use these painted surfaces black to note the ingredients of the next recipe to try.

paint, l’asset class of the kitchen grey

Deco chic of rigour in the kitchen grey with this painting and subtlety, which highlights a center island and cabinets lacquered white and oak.

paint dabs of color in a small kitchen

Paint a half wall in red, is a good idea to give character to your small kitchen. The harmony is perfect with the entrance to violet in the background. Assume the style of color-blocking with pieces of the wall of different colors.

paint the kitchen green apple that gives fishing

The green apple, a color of the original painting, which energizes a kitchen white. Paint Zolpachrom Apple Green G144-3Z, Zolpan

A harmony of wood and white paint in the kitchen

This paint, available in 12 shades including aubergine, Cappuccino, grey humus and charcoal is resistant to grease in the kitchen. Paint Stain Decolab, V33.

A yellow paint that has the pep in the kitchen

Paint the living room and the kitchen in yellow and deconstruct the door to a decor.

shades of brown paint in kitchen

A painting for the work plan of the kitchen

The fuchsia to paint the credenza and cabinets contrast with a painting concrete effect on the work plan of the kitchen. Paint effect Loft Polished Concrete, 1 L, 34,95?, Decorative Leroy Merlin.

©Leroy Merlin

Paint all the elements of the kitchen

Painting without undercoat or stripping, on the basis of acrylic resins for a renovation of the multi-media kitchen. 31 colors ready to use. Paint Design & You of Tollens in Castorama

painting for the furniture and the tile in the kitchen

Repaint the cupboard doors and drawers of the kitchen for a makeover express. Paint Rénov’ Kitchen Purple Blueberry, 0.5 L, 24,90?, Syntilor.

paint effect in a kitchen gray

Try the silver paintwork in your kitchen. Painting Metal effect Scratched Dubai, 0.5 L, 22,90?, Home Deco at Leroy Merlin.

©Leroy Merlin

A gray paint in a wooden kitchen

grey Paint and dark wood furniture in this classic kitchen. Paint Satin Grey Golden 6, 2.5 L, 36,95?, Luxens Leroy Merlin.

©Leroy Merlin

An original painting for the kitchen island

Repaint a central island kitchen to dark to create volume. Paint Brown Havana 2, 0.5 L, 12,95?, Luxens Leroy Merlin.

©Leroy Merlin



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