6 tips to saving space in a small kitchen

In the kitchen, on n’has never enough d’space, especially when it is small ! Here are 6 tips storage and management for a gain of up to d’optimize easily square meters in the kitchen !

a centerpiece of the home, the kitchen must d’be user-friendly, but also functional, even when it is small ! So when there is a lack of place, no panic, there are tricks that you will change the life and make your small kitchen a practical piece where it is enjoyable to cook ! Here we give you a little boost : Make the full d’ideas’accommodation with storage space clever, a central island, cupboards and space-saving or under-skirting boards… The possibilities are many and varied, and will no doubt enhance the beauty of the kitchen while making it convenient for your greatest happiness !

A drawer ingenious and space saving in a small kitchen

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A great idea and nifty for storing spices, canning of foods, cans or other styles of small pots ! Stuck it in the refrigerator, this drawer end and all in height takes up a minimum of space in order to make your small kitchen a convenient place and functional, a clever idea to make your life easier and the cupboards !

Create storage in the credenza above the plan of work

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Optimize l’space on the walls to the vertical by installing shelving and cabinets to store all the objects that you want to keep close at hand, c’is evil ! A solution storage that will delight certainly more d’a for a space tidy in a small kitchen !

A small built-in table for a dining space that takes up little space

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Offering a plan of extra work or dining area by adding a table and stools, this is a table concealed in a drawer in the kitchen that does not lack d’ingenuity ! Extracting, the tablet can dock and out at leisure according to your desires and your need to make room !

A drawer sub-plinth discrete and functional in a small kitchen

© Leroy Merlin

Use the baseboards as storage space, this is a smart idea ! With one drawer under-skirting, use of all the’space available in your small kitchen and you will be certain d’optimize at 100% all the square meters of the room ! Little bulky and practices, they will offer you a storage space very useful !

A central island for additional storage in a small kitchen

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L’kitchen island brings a small additional space for storing in the kitchen ! Taking up little space and placed at the centre, this is a plan of work, a small serving for a snack or a filing cabinet that will save you the life when you are in the kitchen !

Use the walls of the kitchen for even more storage

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Set a bar of credence on the wall, what a brilliant solution when you don’t know where to put our utensils ! Using the part of the wall above your sink, gloves, wooden spoons, whips and other tools will find their place to stay handy, ultra convenient.

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