10 Kitchen open on the living room to the design decor

do You dream d’a kitchen open to the living room but don’t know where to start ? Deco Cool you offers templates deco kitchen with central island, work plan, bar as d’opening on to the living room, furnished with functional furniture for large and small kitchen. Open l’eye and vote for The kitchen adapted to your interior !

Real room to live in, today’today the kitchen is no longer concealed shamefully ! On the contrary, kitchen with central island, or arranged in a U-shape around d’a plan of work for design, it s’opens generously on the living room or the dining room, and saves a lot of space. Its art deco style tends toward the industrial kitchen, that’he is wise and design such as l’is a kitchen white, d’inspiration scandinavian or vintage, open kitchen, c’is a trend deco kitchen full to dress up a small or large space. Prick your ideas to be among the finest plans of the kitchen experts.

red and grey for a kitchen open to the living room

©Leroy Merlin
Super-well-thought-out, this red kitchen is decidedly contemporary with the grey ! Facades, red gloss, handles chrome-plated metal, appliances, stainless steel work, aluminium… : all codes d’a designer kitchen are there. Fully adjustable to allow a space-saving maximum, the furniture of this open kitchen fit all your requirements. Practice, the plan of work cut-out facilitates the installation of the sink and the hob. Smart, the furniture of this kitchen maximizes storage capacity : high, furniture, to the top of the refrigerator and the hood… nothing’is left to chance. The icing on the cake, this kitchen is fully equipped with electrical appliances : ceramic hob 3 burners, extractor hood cap, oven with natural convection, refrigerator-freezer, 4-star, it has d’great ! Furniture and appliances included from ?, Leroy Merlin.

A central island, open kitchen on the living room

An open kitchen that turns into a bulkhead, here’s an idea ! Practical and very decorative, this small kitchen l’ambiance molto caliente spiced l’look and feel of your room. Ultra deco panels in melamine, red pepper and white glossy matte and the work plan of particle board water-repellent are present in the kitchen and delineate the’space naturally. L’a central island defined spaces. The kitchen includes a laminated work surface : Ardésia dark structured, a cabinet fridge /freezer, integrable, and cabinets. The next room we find a good bar convenient to the dining area. In the end it has d’an open kitchen user-friendly. Kitchen mezzo, red chili mat & white glossy matte Socoo’c.

zen Atmosphere in the kitchen

Design and modernity to this kitchen trend zen. Functional it features plenty of storage space and its wooden façade, oak brings elegance and sobriety.
©Aviva Cuisines
Cooking is a pleasure in this open kitchen, contemporary and zen. The sober and elegant style of furniture in oak gives it a look tradi – modern and very trendy. Functional and fully open it has plenty of storage space. L’implantation in U adds user-friendliness to the room and allows you to cook as a family, without abandoning your guests. This kitchen also has d’an induction hob Whirlpool. Aviva Cuisines.

The kitchen plays stays in this open space

wooden Kitchen fully open to the living room for a transformation in bold, and zen. The storage of kitchen all hide in simple furniture in light woods.
© Ikea
This is an open version of the Ikea kitchen that does not lack d’air ! Thought of as an open space, it s’opens smoothly on the stay. For this, the kitchen furniture will conceal all the’home appliances. Practice, the doors of closet s’open d’a single pressure, and l’absence of knobs and handles offer a sober and zen. In short, everything is invisible and visually based ! Kitchen Hyttan Ikea.

Retro-chic open kitchen !

Reinterpretation of the wood in this open kitchen Arthur Bonnet retro chic with a vintage look that is comforting. Unique Associations between the wood and the pastel colors of furniture and walls.
©Arthur Bonnet
A design in The to this kitchen that s’opens on a living room blue and gray. Backdrop, wallpaper, vintage, painting, blue turquoise are highlighted by furniture taupe. Work Plan and credenza s’integrate very well with the living room furniture vintage and pastel colors. Sober and deco at the same time, bravo ! Kitchen dialogue, Arthur Bonnet.

Deco industrial opens its doors to the kitchen

deco industrial between the kitchen and settled around a central island topped by a stainless-steel sink. Trendy loft in paris. Kitchen Matera in Ixina.
© Ixina.
Beautiful natural lighting in this kitchen Matera designed by Ixina. Completely open to the living room, it gives the loft a touch resolutely design and industrial. It consists of a series of functional blocks, and d’a central island topped d’a sink, it takes all the codes of the trend in indus-perfect in a bright loft. Well seen : the credence table painted with chalkboard paint, which provides a reminder perfect in a kitchen. Practice also shelves placed near the induction cooktop to have everything on hand during the preparation of the dishes. Last detail deco : the work plan laminate wood finish warms up the’together. Set of kitchen Matera from 3286? Cuisine Ixina.

An open kitchen to l’estook Pop art

color-pop punch in this open kitchen lime green and white. Harmony trend around storage kitchen white matt varnish. Model Melia Mobalpa.
© Mobalpa
Duo color ultra pop around to anise and white lacquer in this open kitchen that does not lack d’audace ! The laminated work surface sierra clear s’harmonizes smoothly with the’central island with white matt varnish. The handles along the furniture and the pace of deco small dabs graphics. Good idea, the niches of cupboards around the oven and the applique design to illuminate your room with style. A kitchen in white and modern driven by two walls-painted in lime green in combination with white paint in satin finish. Model Melia white matt varnish, handle Pure Line, colour white. Mobalpa.

the Warmth of the wood in the open kitchen

The raw Materials finishing concrete and l’essence of precious wood, s’combine in this open kitchen sophisticated. Beautiful, she is also (and mostly) functional. See more : storage spaces, technical parts and sink are on hand behind the block. The cooktop extends naturally by a large solid wood table. A available user-friendly perfect for to take care of the guests during meal preparation. Open kitchen completed with facades L510 and the line OpenLine brand Perene.

loft to open this beautiful kitchen on the living room

© French Cuisine.
Elegant meeting of wood and modern materials in this kitchen in length open space on loft. The polished cement floor and cabinets without handles, acrylic, high-gloss white and bases and aluminium create a striking contrast with the’central island made from solid oak and treated in a spirit of ” old wood “. Final design touches and thoughtful reminder: the spectacular staircase in metal and wood. Set of kitchen, Kitchen French.

powdery colors for a kitchen open to the living room

Furniture brilliant white, work plan slate grey, paint d’a sweet color, parma, and here is the winning trio of this designer kitchen open to the living area . Good functional ideas in this small kitchen : operate the storage elements in the seat to accommodate the guests. Simple and practical, this suggestion of L-shaped kitchen has everything necessary for preparing meals, cooking hob, ovens, sink. The rest of the’appliances, is fully recessed and releases the view of the living room. Kitchen collection Nuance from 1084?. Purpose.

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