Curtains well-chosen for a deco room at the top

The curtains contribute greatly to the decor of the room, it is important to choose them so that d’harmonize the room with taste ! Pattern, plain or colored, tailor your choice to the’atmosphere of your room ! To complete the deco and get more d’privacy, curtains are indispensable in the bedroom ! Colorful, patterned-style curtains, […]

10 Deco hallway which give ideas

A beautiful deco hallway and lo and behold this piece of passage transformed. In an entry or in the heart of the house, the hallway s’is deco decorated with a console, a small piece of furniture to save space while customizing it according to that’it is narrow in length. To find decoration ideas check out […]

Revamp its Ikea furniture from 100?

Make a makeover to your Ikea furniture with Bocklip and its collection of the facades of doors, drawers and accessories that are adaptable to kitchen furniture, bathroom and walk-in closet Ikea … A concept deco original and colorful to revamp a piece of furniture for cheap !   Revamp an Ikea furniture for chic interior […]

The right plan storage closets

More than enough storage space in your apartment ? Don’t worry, Lofty ! This service of storage magic stores your business and bulky objects, and you retrieve n’any time, without moving. A genius idea to make the place while keeping its storage space at hand. Stow away your belongings in just one click thanks to […]

Deco graphics and geometry for walls and furniture

Decoration for The graph, and the geometrical shapes s’invite in the trend decor. With paint, wallpaper, masking tape, to create his own deco geometric n’is a no-brainer. In wall decorations, to revamp a piece of furniture, a headboard, forms s’assemble according to our desires. Need d’inspiration ? Deco Cool you picked decoration ideas with geometric […]

Build a partition wall-self for cheap

You cannot find the partition wall that’you need to split a room ? Don’t panic, l’trick, c’is the make your own using these DIY deco movable partitions of wood or altuglas. L’advantage of manufacturing a partition wall, a removable self-same c’is, above all, to be able to climb a wall to the dimensions needed to […]

Make a wall activities in a room child

Give your kids a wall d’activities in their room on which they will be able to express their creativity in complete freedom, without cluttering up the room d’a drawing table or without having to get rid of the office before that’they can s’fun. Find out how to make a space for drawings and painting in […]

Removable divider to optimize the inner space

When the’apartment is small, the partition wall is the ideal solution to create an office, an entry, a room divider between the dining area and the lounge area, an individual space for children who share the same room, especially when the’one is tenant since building a wall of separation is impossible ! The partition wall […]

Working at home : an office design that inspires us

Find l’inspiration when l’one works from the home also includes an office with the decor that inspires us. Adapt their work space to transform it into a universe that looks like us is paramount. Atmosphere delicate, chic, vintage or l’mind totally natural everything is possible for this universe will be ours. office rustic ambiance do […]