8 Ideas d’design of small bathroom

A small bathroom can have delusions of grandeur ! Narrow, sloping ceilings or in length, while the bathroom is small, it requires a design that is optimized to gain maximum space. A real challenge in the c’is true, but don’t worry, simple, and effective, tricks of the trade d’development exist to give a small bathroom […]

Tile adhesive : the new Smart Tiles

The tile adhesive has proven itself on the credence table in kitchen and wall covering in bathroom. Smart Tiles, a pioneering brand in the field of tile adhesive expands its collection of the new tiles stickers all more beautiful the one than the other for a makeover kitchen or bathroom not expensive. The tile adhesive […]

What bathtub for bathroom zen ?

are You looking for a bathtub to create a bathroom zen but not sure his style ? Bathtub, bathtub, or d’angle, each to its strengths for a zen décor. Here are our tips to choose and install a tub adapted to a zen atmosphere in the bathroom. One does not choose n’any bathtub in a […]

Of beautiful lighting to enhance the decoration for the bathroom !

spotlight on l’lighting of the bathroom ! Items must-haves, luminaires should be chosen with care in order to emphasize the decor and the charm of your bathroom for a unique atmosphere ! carefully chosen, the luminaires do not miss d’beautify the decor of the bathroom and administer a special atmosphere ! Suspensions, spots, sconces, lanterns, […]

Bathroom Design : Furniture and models trends

The bathroom design is at the heart of the trend decor. Contemporary furnishings, modern bathrooms, bathroom color white, gray or black, the design style gives the bathroom the relaxation you crave. Deco-Cool has selected 10 pictures of bathrooms design for you inspiration decoration ideas. Create a deco design in a bathroom, c’is to bet on […]

6 deco bathrooms dream with a walk-in shower

It is the deco bathroom equipped d’a walk-in shower, which are to melt d’desire as their setting is idyllic ! The dimensions of the shower until’to the walls coated with noble materials, check out 6 shower furnished with class to inspire your deco bathroom.   The shower, c’is sacred ! Atmosphere spa, hyper zen or […]

Bathroom : a heating n’has more l’air

The bathroom is the’one of the most important parts of the house. We spend time there, and l’wants, above all, that’it cozy. How to choose heating the bathroom to make it a place that’you will not want to leave ? That’we choose hot water or electric heating in the bathroom is a must. If once […]

The 4 secrets deco d’a bathroom zen

The only mention of his name makes us already dream about, the bathroom zen c’is a concentrate of absolute well-being. Colours, deco, shower or bathtub, cosy, floors and walls, capitalizing on the natural, in the clear c’is a deco bathroom digne d’a spa. Then the bathroom, book now your secrets to create the zen atmosphere […]

Storage smart to create the bathroom

Towel, bath and beauty products, bathroom cabinets store everything in as much as you can. The bathroom cleverly about how to make the perfect set up and decoration at the same time? Recycle to create a towel rack The first thing they want to enter someone into the bathroom with my towel rail C. The […]

7 colors to paint kitchen furniture

You are going to repaint your kitchen furniture and the choice of the color will inevitably ask for the coat of paint is at the height of your expectations. Here is a selection of kitchens redesigned in various styles for choose a paint color is nice for furniture. What color to paint kitchen furniture ? […]