Terrace in natural wood and composite wood cheap

On the patio, the natural wood or composite on l’appreciate for the’natural ambience that’it crashes instantly. Trendy, noble and warm, the price of exterior paving in strips of wood or slabs varies according to l’essence of the wood. A small tower at Leroy Merlin, to select ideas, materials, fancy, reliable, easy to ask to provide […]

7 deco terraces with greenery

The decor of the terrace, embellished d’shrubs and flowering plants c’is a small oasis, very pleasant to spend a l’summer and this n’is not the terrace in town who will say the opposite ! Exotic plants, vines, rose bushes and other shrubs in pots, take a cue from these ideas, decoration terrace that invite to […]

The flowers and shrubs to plant, depending on its astrological sign

Peonies, laurels, aquatic plants, mint, flowers, energy drinks, the shrubs of the garden soothing, astrology gives sign by sign ideas for flower garden and balcony compatible with our personality. flowers have a language of their own using smells and colours. L’action of plants and flowers on our feeling and ability to act on our mood […]