How to clean a mattress with natural products ?

How to clean a mattress to preserve his health ? Because, yes, the mattress is a breeding ground for dust mites, perspiration, stains d’urine, blood, that’it is necessary to clean for good hygiene. But if clean up is useful, disinfect his mattress, l’is also. Here’s how to clean your mattress with 12 natural products. Clean […]

Valérie Damidot adopts the garden palettes !

You n’are not without the knowledge, the deco palette, s’calls in our gardens. Trends and aesthetic, pallets wood allow you to create garden furniture. A bit of recycling is enough to make a garden in the palette very easily. Valérie Damidot has d’elsewhere demonstrated at the salon Pools & Garden who s’was held from 13 […]

10 tips storage under stairs clever and practical

Shelves, desk or cupboards, the available space under the stairs is optimizes to create a functional space. Practice to de-clutter other parts, l’arrangement d’a space dedicated to the storage d’affairs comes in all forms. Closed or open, storage under stairs s’adapt to the’infinite to all your desires ! Here are 10 tricks of storage savvy […]