4 offices to do it yourself very easily

C’is decided, you are going to install an office in the home history of work, a bit, and especially to take pleasure in process and file your paperwork daily. The solution expeditiously, c’has d’go out and fill a caddy in your great surface favorite. And well, we offer you to make you this famous office […]

Skate a piece of furniture

Skate a piece of furniture, a good way to revamp and give it character. To achieve a patina on a piece of furniture, nothing more easy that this is an old piece of furniture, new or kitchen. L’effect patina requires some small preparations for the same result. Then chair, chest of drawers, table, wardrobe, kitchen […]

Painting : the new trend colors Tollens and Flamingo

Peinture Tollens presents five contemporary colors and trendy around shades of pink, beige and green. At the time of writing, we discovered this collection of paintings inspired by Flamant for Tollens, and it tells you how to harmonize these colors deco to paint your pieces. the new color peinture Tollens, and Flamant have arrived ! […]