The 4 secrets deco d’a bathroom zen

The only mention of his name makes us already dream about, the bathroom zen c’is a concentrate of absolute well-being. Colours, deco, shower or bathtub, cosy, floors and walls, capitalizing on the natural, in the clear c’is a deco bathroom digne d’a spa. Then the bathroom, book now your secrets to create the zen atmosphere so tempting !

Who does not dream of the time when he will be able to immerse themselves in a relaxing bath or take an invigorating shower ? Only here, the conditions are not necessarily met in our bathroom, in order to find these moments of relaxation, well-deserved. The storage leaves much to be desired, the colors blafardes or garish, we get depressed and what to say about the tile bathroom inhospitable. However, a closer look to transform our bathroom into a hall bath zen n’is not that complicated. With a new paint in a warm color, the old shower stall replaced with a shower opening the’space and covered tiled or polished concrete would change everything, unless our preferences are moving, rather on a bathtub for buller without counting our time.
And if we need to do with a small bathrooms that’is important ! A re-order with furniture or shelves for storing and presenting d’a way to decor our bathroom accessories, a floating floor, the rush of the sea or a PVC floor in the colors adapted, and relaxation is waiting for you.
The bathroom we l’has been entrusted, to create a zen atmosphere that c’is to combine elements of comfort and decor conducive to relaxation without any change.

bathroom design minimalist

A refined design is essential to create a soothing atmosphere in a bathroom zen . Only the essential elements are visible to avoid overloading the’space and put our moral evil. So first goal : make the bathroom a place of soothing and minimalist without that’it is sanitized to yet. Wood, a plant air as a bamboo, an orchid enhance the zen décor and add the poetry. Candles as well as runners are welcome, too . The outside light is filtered by wooden blinds or lightweight curtain and recessed spotlights, LEDS diffuse a soft indirect light near the sink and the bathtub.

furniture and health tailored

equipment d’a bathroom zen focus on sobriety, l’allure air and the clean lines. We replaced the pedestal sink solid to a vanity unit elevated, even to the cupboards to remove soil or enlarge the’space. To the extent possible, the tub is laid in the island or changed to a contemporary form with a bathtub, or a relaxing spa bath. The shower n’is not confined, it is walk-in, a glass opens the’space and the pommel is dropped the’water in the rain.

The walls to the color zen relaxing

The color of The walls is paramount to establish a serene atmosphere in a bathroom with a connotation of zen. With the painting, the tiling, the PVC panel or wallpaper the bathroom putting on a pastel to create l’ambiance. A light green, the color of the’appeasement associated with the white, a coloration of relaxing blue, all natural colours of linen to beige and neutral white to pearl gray, plant decor d’a zen-like atmosphere in the bathroom.

floor of the bathroom of course zen

For the rest of the eyes and the comfort of the feet, the floor of the bathroom adopts a coating zen also. The teak wood flooring, bamboo or oak is of course to be preferred. The seagrass s’adapte l’humid environment and its natural look is also a good solution. The stoneware is also to flooring to consider to recreate a bathroom ultra nature.And if the tile cannot be covered in its entirety, a large area rug creates l’ambiance zen desired.

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