Painting baby room : 7 tips to choose

The quality of the paint the baby’s room to create a paradise of peace around newborns makes it real. Freshness, the creator of the paint color chosen by the parents should encourage the baby and the baby’s sleep is to create a world quiet of the airport. And that’s not always easy to find the most appropriate table for a small child, because it’s good advice for parents to resimleyer room!

Select a picture for the baby room

A very small room, and also he needs to create a universe yatistirayi. A natural linen shade, beige and soft pastel colors and light gray color for a room is preferred. But a child is not like the others. We painted the baby’s room, the environment must be secured as much as possible. Odorless, solvent-free, natural and juicy, not limiting or toxic chemicals that may emit odors that are harmful to the newborn biofilms, we use a painting that uses paint. Therefore, the priority is painting the baby’s room before birth, as necessary for the team to make the choice that’s good advice on the application should be put in focus.

Which is healthy for the baby room painting please.

Acrylic painting “classic” in the air, the components are more or less toxic and harmful for this baby, especially the little ones. When you select the paint for your child’s room, make sure of its composition. Emphasizing ease of Use, image water, it doesn’t always look so healthy. Solvent-free Natural Products Co V (volatile organic compounds) or Oil derivatives non kirleyen the rental of the room-choose a dye. And to make sure that will not cheat on you today, coloring pictures’hui-pollution by filtering cleans the room.

Choose a neutral colour in a room mixed

Fake mom too round, but is still unknown the sex of the baby? Not a problem, and neutral paint color swatches in the room for a little boy or a little girl to dress up for there. Blue, gray, Yesil, almond or beige, orange, and your color, both lououtout! The cabbage scanned the room for decorating what color groups to create an environment for ending draw. Pure linen Dulux Valentine paint in pastels and the Caribbean in the pits.

Dare dare to be a bright color from Table

If the natural hues and gentle are best in a baby room to d’soothe the room, we can dare l’use of vivid colours to condition d’be light-handed. A band of paint at the top of the cradle, or a design, delicate stencil is the most beautiful effect in a room of new-born. But be careful to choose the color ! It prevents the red or the black which might attack the infant. We prefer to focus on shades, merry as the green anise, the orange mild blue or pink which will disrupt not the decoration for the peaceful of the baby’s room.

A solid paint for a baby room cocoon

L’univers d’a new born needs to be reassuring and enveloping. C’is why a color of paint on the walls and clear on the walls reveals a tip deco unstoppable to create a room cocooning. Ecru, beige or off-white, and these shades of paint for the room will need to be leacher to clear easily the future traces of fingers of the baby. In a matte or velvety it absorb a possible effect too bright which may disturb the tranquility of the cherub.

Create a universe snug around the cradle with stickers and paint

both board and decoration idea paint for a baby room : paint over the stencil and stick stickers nice c’is the place to be ! This technique allows d’to associate in a same setting and on a same wall, different paint colours. With a deco wall geometric or drawings childish you create a universe friendly to awaken baby in the world that l’surrounds. And to avoid visual effects too stimulating for the’child, stay sober by combining natural shades that are easy to marry as taupe or light linen for example.

Take a paint suitable for painting the baby bed

The painting room d’a little is not limited to the walls. It is also necessary to think about the paint to use to paint the bed where baby will spend the first few nights of his life. Whether you’re refurbishing a bed former or whether you want to simply dress up the bed that you bought, wooden or iron it is really necessary to choose a paint that are safe for the health of the infant.

pastel colors to paint baby room

Pastel painting for the room full of sweetness and tenderness without moderation should be adopted. Baby blue, Yesil, water, shades of pale pink. bring the freshness of the toddler little. It’s a great place for baby rooms accessories and a white or light wood, and the little blond tranquility promises.

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