Storage smart to create the bathroom

Towel, bath and beauty products, bathroom cabinets store everything in as much as you can. The bathroom cleverly about how to make the perfect set up and decoration at the same time?

Recycle to create a towel rack

The first thing they want to enter someone into the bathroom with my towel rail C. The final design, found a dry towel, towel rack, c ‘It’s not bad. So, do you have a towel ready in the bathroom and how well organized?

  • Scale: use a scale two bulky towel with your school. In fact, followers who are looking for bamboo wooden ladder on one side and another stairs. In the first case,’you will find your happiness, in the second place, you’ll have to around the old barn. Then, after you find your level, some sandpaper, and stain, this beautiful towel rail.

  • The transformation of a cascading ladder rack: in fact, the square format with l, towel rack, and the rack D to combine the features of a unique form offers. So you can easily make the stairs instead of the few shelves with a clipboard. On the other hand, if you want to hang your towels, or replace with the original bars to hold the stairs for most purposes.

Use traps and wire mesh cabinet to the wall

On a counter or a bathroom cabinet for storing your business under your makeup, you don’t have? Then paste it on the wall turn wicker baskets. For this reason, for example, storage baskets for storing your towels you will receive. In contrast, the things that are very heavy basket bracket or who can’t keep can’t hide.

In addition, you can save old boxes to make a very nice cabinet. In fact, the straw the floor of the container, things got a little aggravating. Because of this, shampoo bottles, deodorant, and they will find their place.

Suspension systems often create

  • Hooks for hanging the electrical appliances : we rarely think about, but there are l’wasted space on the back of our cupboard. In fact, thanks to some hooks style hooks kitchen towel, it is possible to suspend a hair dryer, hair straighteners and other electrical appliances. Thus, suspended simply by their electric wire, they will be that more is stored away properly.
  • storage Pockets for shoes : and if you turn of storage pockets for shoes to make the storage ? Thus, the pouches provided in the’origin to receive your pairs of shoes, transformed into pockets for your beauty products. Moreover, in order to suspend them, simply hang to the bar of the shower curtain.

Give a different purpose to this storage for shoes.

  • Turn jam jars or small vases, flower pot storage for your brushes and your brushes and makeup.

Convert pots or vases to make it to the media.

Use shelves with suction cups

Accessories lights bathroom shelves with suction cups provides multiple opportunities for storage. In fact, thanks to their system of suction cups, they are usually in the’angle’a wall near the shower. D’other models presented in the form of soap holders, turn into small shelves are very practical and can fix very easily. In addition, in the same order d’idea there are full columns that s’install in the corner of the shower and provide several levels of storage.

soap holders. Suction cup ABS and rubber. Starting from 12.90 ?

Finally, in the style of the cupboards suspended, the palm is assigned to the wall panels complete. In effand, they attach themselves as a single large plate and provide a multitude of small storage lockers. Thus, you get a solution that is very clever for storing a maximum d’personal belongings.

Storage wall 87X67 cm. 308 ? in

Divert objects to make storage

There is insufficient storage solutions or l’space is too small to slide a piece of furniture. Nevertheless, with some innovative solutions you can create your own storage.

  • Recover of old drawers to make shelves : you have an old dresser that you can’t use absolutely ? And if you get back his drawers to turn them into shelves ? Deep, these drawers allow you to store all of your products by laying down easily on a wall.

Banyoda biriktirmek için eski çekmeceleri geri dönüştürün.

  • The area of the back cover bring: we are often tempted to use a coating to put on the door. And now, this time, are you going to build a small cart to the store? In fact, when there is deficiency of storage space, a door offers a very strong potential. For this reason, a few baskets, have been properly positioned, a metal rod, and here is a great deponuzdas.

  • A cupboard of spices: use spices in a drawer for a garden able to save space by using the same principle can be applied also in the bathroom. This shelter can be easily fixed on the edge on the edge of the tub or Shower. Or bottles is ideal for storing makeup products.

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