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The bathroom design is at the heart of the trend decor. Contemporary furnishings, modern bathrooms, bathroom color white, gray or black, the design style gives the bathroom the relaxation you crave. Deco-Cool has selected 10 pictures of bathrooms design for you inspiration decoration ideas.

Create a deco design in a bathroom, c’is to bet on the minimalist furniture, the models of health and modern forms, a refined design, leaving the bathroom to express its effect zen. An Italian shower in the bathroom, a bathtub or both, if the bathroom is large enough, the neutral colors of white, gray or black, and a little d’accessories are the ingredients to make d’a bathroom design a place to relax.

The chic d’a bathroom design

Highlighting the bathtub by putting it on a higher level, this bathroom design plays with the modernity thanks to the blend of wood, white and black. Two basins on round columns echo the generous curves of the tub. Behind the black wall, l’installation d’a wall of walk-in shower protects the wooden floor bathroom, bamboo and its location offers a space saving advantage. Shower, bath and basin in

bathroom furniture design

The black and the design of the furniture sub-basins are the pillars of the decor of this bathroom. Releasing the’floor space, furniture, wood lines, tapered aesthetic and warm up the total black look of the bathroom. Round and d’a pristine white, the sinks are ceramic placed on a vanity round him also bring an effect of light with walls and a tiled black floor. Faucets wall light grey to complement the minimal design of this bathroom design. Furniture basins Olympia Ceramica

A small bathroom design in black and white

A small bath has also the right to a deco design ! Minimalist, this bathroom cramped chooses a pair of black and white to make the’space is more graphic. A shower a black-walled transparent glass s’imposes largely in the’space, while the elements of health derive their pin of the game thanks to the sobriety of their lines. The washbasin white adopts a round shape that s’fit to the contours of the vanity black in which it is embedded. And to not neglect the practical side is necessary for the small bathroom, shelves above the TOILET provide plenty of functional storage. In short here is the evidence that’have a small bathroom design n’is not a far-fetched idea ! Bathroom design furniture O-Kera by Okite.

Contemporary and design bathroom zen

colours and installation design make good bedfellows in a bathroom zen. here, the hanging furniture in dark wood take on a square shape, highly structured, which echoes the bathtub rectangular placed in the centre of the room. The bathroom sinks vessel sinks and faucets stainless steel enhance the contemporary in this bath design that s’dresses its walls d’a painting blue-grey. Tint a delicate recovery in the mosaic on the apron of the bathtub. Furniture basins Letea / Usirama

grey and taupe in a bathroom design

In this bathroom grey that adopts a decor with a minimalist design, a wall of stone siding of grey-matt-contrast with l’extreme gloss of the floor tiles large format mouse grey. the vanity suspended with 4 drawers of storage space gives relief to the bathroom thanks to its geometry, unstructured. D’an elegant grey color taupe, it also has the ability to s’illuminated thanks to a led system integrated. A facility, bright, modern and functional furnishings for a bathroom design ! Model furniture Xeno 2 design Combined by Richardson.

Eggplant and white in a bathroom design

O’around the bathtub, this bathroom is alive with color ! The white painted walls are noted by the tile floor and grey spots recessed in a ceiling black. The color square eggplant painted on the wall of the basins integrates a closet suspended which alternates doors and white eggplant in the same tone. A few design accessories white like the floor lamp or the chairs complement the’effect modern. Bathroom design Model Lugan in Perene.

Design à l’Italian d’a bathroom in wood and black

Inseparable of the bathroom design, the health to the modern curves are undeniable assets to create a contemporary décor. In this bathroom, the tub, the TOILET and the two sinks adopt a form very rounded, which softens and brightens the home sober and l’dark atmosphere of the room. The wooden furniture composite which supports the vessel sinks and rectangular mirror comply with the linearity of the piece. The contrast clever between health and round furniture lines structured highlights the modernity of this bathroom black and white.Model Laufen bathroom Space Aubade.

A great bathroom design

This long and large bathroom plays l’originality, contemporary 100 % ! Wall coverings and floor mixing shades copper white and give a luxurious side to the coin. The bathtub digne d’a spa d’institute reveals the charm of this entire bathroom with modern facilities and luxurious. Ultimate in comfort, the valves in cascade are fitted to the bath and the Italian shower in the fully open position. Bathroom Fittings By Dornbracht.

Deco design in the bathroom red

When the red s’calls in the bathroom, c’is all the decoration that takes on a youthful look. The bath-tub and piece of furniture double basin unit adopt both fronts lacquered red modern. Neutral and understated, shades of grey for the walls and the carpet s’are a great idea to create a bathroom that is both stylish and serene. Decorative accessories such as the chair or the spot allow you to dive even more room in the wave of the contemporary. S’install a bathroom red and design with a grey base, an easy idea to s’offer ! Bathroom furniture model NT120DA in Delpha.

Luxury and relaxation in a minimalist bathroom

Epurée and warm, this bath is a perfect invitation to relax. The rectangular tub nearly disappears in the white wall that adjoins the same as the shower at l’Italian installed discreetly behind a glass wall. The shower extra-flat flush mount in l’platform, in a bamboo flooring creates a new space in the room simple, bright and zen. A development perfect for those who love the understated d’a bathroom design and minimalist ! Source : Luxury the

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