6 deco bathrooms dream with a walk-in shower

It is the deco bathroom equipped d’a walk-in shower, which are to melt d’desire as their setting is idyllic ! The dimensions of the shower until’to the walls coated with noble materials, check out 6 shower furnished with class to inspire your deco bathroom.


The shower, c’is sacred ! Atmosphere spa, hyper zen or design in the bathroom with an Italian shower, it’s up to you ! Hyper trend, the Italian shower is participating in the decoration for the bathroom while we win the’space, thanks to its construction style and materials. Teak Grating, marble, slate, tile or polished concrete, decorating ideas for an Italian bathroom full d’originality are multiple and varied. Here are 6 examples of ultra crisp of shower l’Italian providing moments d’escape and relaxation in the bathroom they find on Pinterest .

Slate and wood decor bathroom with Italian shower

In length, this walk in shower takes the form d’a small hallway opened by a sliding door leading to the bath d’a pretty bathroom with wood floor. On the walls of the shower is equipped d’a spa system with different jets, is the parent of tiles d’slate d’one side, and of the mosaic of l’other. The floor tiles d’slate treated non-slip surround the shower itself covered d’a caillotis teak. A deco bathroom where wood and natural materials meet for a finished design, and warm !

A deco bathroom with Italian shower mind spa

Equipped as a true home spa, the bathroom walls composed d’side of wooden flooring bathroom teak dark brown, and l’other stucco grey cement, has everything to seduce. at the bottom of the shower to the’Italian and separated by a shower wall in glass, a space raised to relax in peace within d’a deco ultra zen emphasized by large rollers.

nature s’calls in the Italian bathroom

Open on a space provided in real small zen garden with a big bush of bamboo, l’the development of this Italian bathroom at all for dreaming ! A harmonious blend of tadelakt anthracite grey and a parquet floor bridge of boat to the ground, this is a original bath fostering moments of tranquility in the shower.

A walk-in shower version tropical in the bathroom

total change of Scenery with the decor of this bathroom 100% exotic taking the part price to give the shower the maximum d’space and comfort. (Shower XXL, body jets in the side walls covered d’decorative plaster troweled, this bathroom extend an invitation to the travel time d’a relaxing shower !

View of the garden from the shower Italian d’a bathroom zen

This bathroom, where the walls of the shower are completely glazed and offers a view on the garden, breathtaking ! Zen attitude and well-being are at the rendezvous in the bathroom on the tile floor anthracite grey and mat by cannisse. A space 100% zen for a total harmony with nature.

A bathroom in waxed concrete design with Italian shower

We adopt the total look of polished concrete in the bathroom Italian ! A deco design and refined for an open bathroom on the garden highlighted by a knob in the tropical rain and a receiver extra-flat flush with the floor. The ultimate in comfort and a luxury bathroom open on a beautiful living wall.

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