10 tips deco not expensive to make a headboard

Make the head of bed to pamper your interior decoration of the room it gives ideas. Head of bed for small room, with storage space on the half-wall, made in the palette, fabric, or paint… It’s safe, the head of the bed ensures serious in the bedroom !


The head of the bed, l’atout charme of the decoration for the room ! Deco Cool tells you how to make it with some tips deco to make a bed head original, and without much tinkering, for example with paint in order to restore quickly the style to your deco room without l’clutter. An idea to remember for a small room. Another suggestion, opt for a bed head palette. In this case, not only you make easily but in addition you are assured of’a minimum cost ! Check out some more d’ideas decor with our selection of headboards found on Pinterest.

A head of bed in semi-partition in a room plum

Make the head of bed in semi-partition l’ingenious idea for this room with contemporary decor to separate the bed from the dressing room. Rise in tiles of plaster and painted with a beautiful plum it can also be built with the plywood mounted on a frame to separate the room and gain privacy in the room. The more deco : the electrical outlets built into the bed head wall for connection to discreet bedside lamps.

bed head console is the deco d’a modern room

In this gray room, it is a formwork connecting the two closets, which made the head of the bed. Matched to the color of the cupboards and lit by a neon light, low voltage, the head of the bed leads to a dim light and cozy atmosphere in the room. A tip deco perfect for saving space. To make with just plywood and a layer of paint matched (or not) in the colors of your room.

A headboard takes up little space in a small room

A bed head perfect into a small room, which also serves as a bedside realized with a formwork of wood painted the same color as the walls charcoal gray. Functional and easy to integrate to the decor of the room, this type of headboard allows you to gain a precious place in the room.

design Room with a bed-head wall paper graphics

Daring, this wallpaper, geometric patterns multi-colored placed decorative panel to form the support of the head of the bed made with a wooden panel painted gray. the two designer lamps and the white bed linen temper the ardor of the tapestry. Wallpaper the wall, ” Circus “, 567? Over The Color

driftwood to make a bed-head recycling

natural Ambience to the decor of this room with a headboard made of planks of driftwood. Cleaned and sanded, the planks are set into four points on the wall. A headboard that coordinates perfectly with the base of the bed wood and the retro style of the lamps and the bedside.

Head of bed home made for a deco chambre zen

head of A bed manufactured home decorates this room in sleek style. Made with a pressed-marine of 8 to 10 cm thick and a back in which is fixed on a bedside table in the same wood. A coat of paint on the headboard and the bedside, and the deco is installed ! Good note deco for the white walls, the light fixture, industrial look and the duvet cover old school who value the nuances and deep of the the head of the bed.

A bed-head inspired to decorate the arty room

Deco arty in the room with this bed-head console, made by formwork of wood and attached to the walls chocolate. A framework melange, driftwood and a bedside lamp in metal are placed in the keys decoration on the head of the bed to play with colour contrasts. Good plan deco : step stool white diverted night table values by the same occasion the head of the bed.

bed-Head ethnic with a sky of bed linen taupe

Here, a draped linen taupe color used in the canopy is lowered to the top of pillows to make the bed head in mind ethnicity. This is a great idea to manufacture in a turn of the hand a head of bed original ! A remake very simply with a beautiful plain fabric, as in this example to wake up a deco white room. The more decoration, choose a fabric with colorful patterns to create a room with the look of baroque.

Two colors of paint to make a headboard

To make this headboard that is simple. It is enough to paint behind the bed is a band of color in a shade darker than the rest of the piece and that is all ! You can toggle the effect by opting for a lighter shade, for the head of the bed or even draw patterns in a tone complementary if you are an artist. And since everything is allowed in terms of the head of the bed using a paint glitter to give more d’look to your bed-head !

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