A vegetable garden raised which takes zero space !

Make a vegetable garden raised that requires a little d’space and more, farewell limasses and other devourers of salads ! Here is a vegetable garden clever to grow his own vegetables up in the garden, on the terrace or the balcony.

The sun points the tip of his nose, it’s time to think vegetable garden, planting, watering, and tasting the salads, tomatoes, radishes grown home ! When the square meters are not at the rendez-vous in the garden, and even less on the terrace and the balcony, there is a solution of the square garden on their feet in a tray of wood or iron, and the results of the cultures is very satisfactory.

But here is a tip ingenious for s’offer a vegetable garden that takes up absolutely no place that’it should be located.
The concept is simple and not expensive : grow salads, radishes, onions, herbs…. in trays suspended on a wall of the house or of the balcony.
You’have understood, no floor area is necessary and the icing on the cake, all the plantations become inaccessible to the nasty pests fond of young shoots and vegetables come to maturity. A good way also to fend off the cravings of greens crisp of our friends the cats and rabbit. So if you have a green thumb, don’t have enough room for a vegetable garden classic, start planting a vegetable garden raised for the least original !

Create a vegetable garden raised on a wall of the house, choose a place that is conducive, with little passing and sunny. Make sure you d’as many gutters PVC as required, for example, a gutter by the type of planting, so as not to mix the radishes and salads, which require a spacing and watering different. Attach the gutters against a wall at l’aid of screws adapted to the support. Then, fill the gutters of good potting soil and plant vegetables at your convenience. And hop, that’s a vegetable garden in height made by your care, super original and that will prevent your salad to munch on before the’time by slugs and trampling by animals.
of course the technique is the same, to lay out a vegetable garden on the balcony. The walls being less wide, l’trick is to multiply the number of trays that can climb up’to two metres high.

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