Swimming pools wood above ground plunge this summer

Nature and the economy, the pool of wood off the ground is without a doubt the best way to make a splash without drowning his budget ! Pool, round, rectangular or oval, there are all forms to be installed above ground in all configurations external. And to be completely melted in the trend decor nature authentic and who wins the’outside this season, opt for a pool wood aesthetic and natural and offer you a part d’exoticism at home !

Swimming pools wood above ground plunge this summer

do You dream d’a swimming pool in nature for a swim this summer, but you n’not have the budget, or l’desire of you start in big work ? Then throw you in the bath d’a swimming pool wooden above ground ! Little expensive compared to d’a shell of hard buried, this type of pool is a real boon for s’offer a corner bath in the’approach to the’been. D’natural aesthetics, s’integrating perfectly with the decor and the‘exterior landscaping, and add-in a dream on a wooden deck, they are easy to install, come in a multitude of shapes, color of wood and s’adapt to almost all of the land to enable access absolute. Then n’wait any longer and dive head first into our selection of swimming pools wood above ground !

A pool of wood from the ground to a sitting area in the garden

A space-suite bathroom and relaxing in this garden is created with an above ground pool placed on a terrace in teak

install yourself as a true relaxation area around your swimming pool wooden above ground without damaging the decor of the garden ! Very on-trend at the moment, the wood makes a significant investment l’outside either on the terrace or even the pool. Here, c’is the teak that comes to create a unit relaxation around the pool. Three steps from then to the garden of the beach and swimming pool, discreetly located in a corner to prevent them from biting the area. With this swimming pool wooden, offer you cost-a natural location and cost where it is good to bask in the sun and dry the towels. Source : Pinterest / archzine

L’elegance of the wood on an above ground pool round

This elegant swimming pool wooden above ground is semi-buried in order to last longer. LeroyMerlin

go Through the seasons without moving to the garden or to replace, that is the credo of this swimming pool wooden above ground, which can also be semi-buried. Round in shape, it adapts to a large number of configurations outside since’it fits also well in front of a wooden deck that would echo to the coating in a corner of the garden. Size medium, this design of swimming pool easy to install and is sure to delight the whole family ! Above ground pool wood PROCOPI Odyssea Octo 530 round – height of the water line : 125 cm. Dim. 5.3×5.3 mr. Price : 4290 ? Leroy Merlin

Modernity with this above ground pool wood rectangular

Adopt the above ground pool wooden rectangular in order to benefit d’a beautiful surface d’water. La Redoute

A simple design and rectangular, that’s what this swimming pool wooden above ground that really has everything to please ! Anchored in modernity, this pool light wood adopts a sleek aesthetic that reveals a very nice water surface. Perfect for laps in his garden, the geometric form rectangular basin stands out from the traditional ground pools round or oval. Delivered in kit, this pool is easily installed and can be installed on a flat surface. Kit Piscine Bois Azura Dim. : 350 x 505 cm – Height : 126 cm. Liner Beige. Facilities : sand Filter, Scale, outdoor wood, Scale, inner Stainless steel, Felt bottom anti-bacterial. Mark UBBINK Price : 3799,00 ? The Redoubt.

The pool wooden above ground, l’friend of the small terraces

On a small sun terrace, there is nothing like that’a nice swimming pool wood hexagonal above ground to cool off once the’summer. ©EuroPiscineServices

Take your outdoor terrace in summer with this pool hexagonal wood off the ground ! The latter is suitable for small terraces, in particular those covered in slatted wood or strips of wood very on trend as it creates a unit of matter. Munching up little room, this pool installs easily on a hard surface and remains absolutely stable, whatever happens. It n’there was therefore no reason d’to hesitate , the swimming pool wood and off the ground on the terrace, we dare and we took the opportunity throughout the summer ! EuroPiscineServices (EPS)

An above ground pool XXl to satisfy the whole family

swimming pools wood above ground are available also in magnum format ready to welcome the whole family. La Redoute

This swimming pool wooden above ground has delusions of grandeur ! Elongated in shape, it extends over several meters and therefore allows you to make large dip once the summer came. Ideal for large families who like to take a dip all together during the summer season, the pool adopts a coating of natural wood to that size XXL is able to blend harmoniously into the green landscape of the garden. La Redoute – swimming Pool Wood Nortland UBBINK OCEA Lying – external Dimensions: 860X470 cm Height bathing : 122 cm total Height : 130 cm Volume of water : 34.5 m3 Surface swim : 30 m2 floor Surface area required : 500×890 cm Installation Type of installation : above ground, semi-buried, buried – Price : 6706,56 euros

wood stain for pool above ground

To change the coating light wood, this above ground pool octagonal opt for a wood stain in a chestnut more leaning, chic guaranteed ! ©Castorama

Who would not want to dabble confidently in this pool wood above ground octagonal-when the sun hits outside ? A l’allure d’a luxury jacuzzi, this basin stands out from the rest with its wood stained brown which brings a bit of exoticism to any garden. And because the assets of this pool are not that’aesthetic, the latter will bend to your every whim, since’it can also be buried in half or in full. Swimming pool wood Kari ø4,60 mr. – Volume d’water : 15 m3. – Sun.exterior : ø4,60 x H. 1,29 m. Price : 2499 eur Castorama.

16 m3 d’water to the octagonal swimming pool treated pine autoclave Class IV that just came out of the ground with these 1,20 height. Provided with a scale interior in stainless steel and another for l’wood exterior and liner beige. Dim : diam 5,11 x H. 1,24 m Price : 1999 ? Castorama

natural Effect with a swimming pool in the wood

Atmosphere absolutely nature with this swimming pool wood above ground octagonal in shape, delicate and romantic. ©Desjoyaux

above-ground this pool light wooden table on a style very chic ! Of small circumference, it is proving to be a real asset in the garden without eating space on the outside. Simple it has d’a structure and d’a rim of pine treated by autoclave which is resistant to the’moisture and all kinds of wood-boring insects. Dim. : 90 m or 4.78 m in diameter and 1.17 m of height under the rim. Sold in a kit with all the accessories. Prices from 4 091 ? above ground Pool wood Explained.

swimming pool above ground steel appearance golden wood

Round, this above ground pool steel plays the card of the scenery of golden wood to give a natural style to l’swimming space in the garden. Castorama

You think that this round pool is made of wood ? Think again-you this n’is that’an illusion ! It s’is actually a steel structure covered d’a decor aspect of golden wood that gives this a rounded, almost perfect. Not lacking in charm, the round shape of this swimming pool creates in the garden as a large nest of fresh air for not letting themselves be overwhelmed by the summer heat. Large, it is particularly suitable for large flat outer. Dim. : Ø550 x h. 132 cm. Vol. d’water : 23,28m3. Height of the line d’water : 117cm. Price : 1890,00 euros, Castorama.


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