Protect a palm tree : How l’shelter from the frosts ?

Protect his palm in l’winter is essential to ensure its survival. Tropical tree loving the warm temperatures, the palm tree in our gardens need d’special protection to withstand the frosts and cold. twine, sail d’wintering, split cane, here’s how to set up your palm to l’a shelter from the frost with this tutorial illustrated step by step.

How to protect a palm tree during the’winter ?

C’is the well-known tropical plants are susceptible to colds and the palm tree n’not escape the rule. Very fragile, this tree from a warm climate to need d’be protected as it should be before l’arrival of the first frosts. Of the roots to the trunk back up’to the fins, nothing must be overlooked so that your palm remains alive while the’winter and finds its place in the decoration outdoors on sunny days. And because that’a veil d’wintering only caused is not enough, this tutorial shows you how to protect your palm tree from freezing.

A palm tree ready to be protected

The palm is a tree that’we like to have in his garden. In a pot, it is more fragile that’in the open ground but it is better to avoid the return to the’inside, believing to do well as l’range of temperature, and l’superheated air dry could kill him. Resistant, know that s’he feared the cold and especially the gel, once properly protected, it can withstand negative temperatures of up’at -12 degrees. Here are the 5 steps for do well.

Raise your palm in the pot with wedges

the First step to protect your palm : raise the pot. Place four wedges of brick under the pot allows d’avoid the’stagnant water jelly d’be in contact with the roots. Before d’install these wedges, choose wisely l’location of your palm to the’winter in a place that is mostly sunny and rather to the’wind shelter.

Close the foliage of the palm tree on himself

step 2 : close the foliage on itself gently. To do this, arm yourself with gloves to avoid cuts and then combine the branches into a single bouquet. This step will allow the young shoots of the middle d’be better protected, because the heat emanating from the’the tree will focus in the middle before d’be released to l’ensemble des palmes.

Attach the fins with twine

Then, attach the palms to palm them with a string. Tighten just what that’it is necessary that the foliage be well closed in toward the center of the’tree. Avoid d’use a string of plastic or other materials of this kind, which could eventually compress and stifle your palm.

Cover the palm d’a veil of wintering

You can now put your veil d’wintering on your palm. This will protect the fins fine l’tree named spears. Tie it around your palm to l’aide d’a string. Do not over tighten as this may trap the’moisture and cause rotting of your palm. In addition, if temperatures go back above 0° lift the veil of breathing l’tree.

Wrap the palm tree with the canisse

To finish off, wrap the stipe c’is to say, the “trunk” of the palm with split cane reed, and attach to the protection with string. This technique allows to keep a constant temperature over the height of the palm tree.

Valhor photos © Julia Brechler / Handyman Factory
Thanks to the’inter-professional associations l’horticulture, floral and landscape “Trees Plants” for his tricks.

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