How to plant and maintain the succulent ?

The succulent, small plant that grows in the dimension for the decoration for the balcony and the garden ! Resistant and colourful, succulent plants come in many varieties, and like also in the apartment. Zoom in on a succulent plant that n’has not finished d’be on trend !


They are delicious, our delectable ! It is found of all colours, all shapes and all heights in the garden centres. Their leaves plump come in spirals geometric, in clusters or in small clumps, for the pleasure of our eyes. The succulent mixes in a multitude of compositions, graphic and colourful to make a green wall in the house or in the deco exterior. The succulent plant thrives also isolated in a terrarium where it becomes an object of decor in itself. D’mood easy, the succulent is part of the family of succulents, it requires little maintenance in the summer as in the winter. Cotyledon, Crassula, Rhodiola, Kalanchoe : deliver us all your beauty secrets, beautiful plants!

A succulent, that is what it is ?

earth or sand, in the air and a little water : that’s all your succulent needs to be happy !

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In the common language, we speak of succulents. The botanists and the biologists prefer to call it “succulent plants” : let’s face it, this name is even more pleasing ! The poor, they do not really fatty…
The succulent, it is a plant with fleshy tissue, soaked water. A true wonder of nature, she has the remarkable ability to store water in its tissues. The stems and leaves contain large cells called vacuoles where it accumulates the ” juice mucilaginous “. In other words, they capture the water when they find themselves in and the store to make the resistance in times of scarcity. To combat evaporation, the nature has covered with fuzz or a waxy substance which avoid sweating.
succulent plants are as well an opportunity to be a delightful mini-indoor garden that remains beautiful in all season and that takes its rightful place in your interior design. If you’re lucky, you’ll see the same blossom of colorful flowers in your publication !

The maintenance of the delicious in summer as in winter

Your succulents require very little maintenance : give them too much water or fertilizer is even bad for them ! Perfect for those who do not have green thumbs.

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Champions of survival, the succulenes are accustomed in their natural environment prolonged drought. So we need to make sure to reproduce these cycles in the home by observing periods of time without watering… and no, this is not abuse as a vegetable !
During the winter months, your succulent plants to rest in. They should preferably be placed in a ventilated, light and where the temperature fluctuates between 5 and 15° C. In autumn, water sparingly, at most once per month. In the winter, no water for succulents !
in The spring, wait until the temperature begins to rise to water the plants. When the leaves of the succulent will have well drunk, then the growth begins, even if they lack of light or fertilizer. In the summer and during the high heat, and place them in a place in half shade.

Attention to pots that you are using : a container in terracotta porous promotes the evaporation of the water, while a planter in plastic or glass terrarium is air-tight. It will then be necessary to ensure that you water less often and extensively. For potting, a mixture of ready-to-use special cacti will do perfectly. Fertilizer liquid for cactuses can be used in the spring summer, but take care to always water your plants before, at the risk of causing burns !

luscious : tips for planting

terrariums of succulents are super trendy and make it their show ! It can be free standing or suspended from the ceiling or on your furniture.

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Also easy to maintain as versatile, succulent give us original ideas to our deco lounge ! Why not compose a nice terrarium with decorative gravel and a few specimens of Echeveria, Aconium, Lithops or Adromischus leaf ? Vary the shapes and sizes of the container : vase, rectangular, round cut, terrarium, open or closed, …

This vertical garden of succulent plants is in response to a garden with a terrace stylish. We love the mixture of contemporary design with these plants futurists !

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Super idea for our deco balcony or a terrace design, the vertical garden of succulents. Very easy to do in an hour or two, it plays on the diversity of colours, or rather shades of green and purple. Some varieties of succulent plants drooping, are especially nice to decorate the bottom of your composition : the most common are those of the family of Sedum and Senecio.

luscious finds its place in your garden whether in a solid, ground covers, in a rock garden or simply in a pot.

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Finally, if you have a garden, succulents make great ground cover plants that make up the massive spectacular, a little in the manner of a mandala, or along a driveway with flair ! If your ground is uneven, why not take advantage of it and splurge on a nice rock garden ?

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