A garden decoration with the garden furniture Trigano Store

The garden furniture is investing l’outside and is as deco as it is comfortable. Tables, garden furniture, sun loungers, balls of light, Deco Cool you share his favorite for garden furniture Trigano Store, which has seen clear in our expectations for development of the garden at the top of the trend decor.


For all the guys who have to develop a garden, a terrace or a balcony, good ideas, decor, c’is here ! Garden furniture, tables, sunbathing, sunbeds, or even balls of light to illuminate the pool or the garden table, the ideas d’development and deco exterior at the edge of the comfort are missing in the new website catalogue Trigano Store. Deco Cool l’has travelled and offers ideas of shopping to renew or complete your garden furniture.

A garden design for the’outside

A sofa d’angle, a small chair garden resin braided black and his coffee table with make the decor of the terrace!!! As beautiful as it is comfortable, this is a garden furniture, ultra-trendy up’to 5 persons, ideal for s’arrange a space outside, fluffy and charming.

A table as a total look blanc s’calls in the garden

A mini price that Trigano Store advertises itself as the cheapest on the web for this garden table in resin white and 8 folding chairs that fold and unfold in no time ! Simple but effective, this table has d’a location for a beach umbrella, and accommodates 8 to 10 guests for barbecues in the garden throughout the’been in the sun or in the’shadow !

A garden table stylish PVC woven black

Nice contrast with the lawn and the elegance provided for the decoration of the garden with this folding table in woven resin black ultra solid and timeless. A garden furniture that offers an outdoor trend and beauty.

L’incontournable garden table in teak

Resistant and very comfortable, the garden table in teak c’is the right plan to fit nicely outside. Real friendly place to share meals, to have on the terrace or on the lawn, it requires very little d’maintenance for our greatest happiness. There is also for 6 people. Round Table expandable to 120/170cm with 4 chairs in teak

sleek Design for a table and benches wooden garden

A pine table certified, which finds its place in all styles of garden and terrace thanks to the sobriety of its lines. All wood with two benches assorted, she will know how to sublimate a wooden deck or tiled floors while giving you the comfort you need !

soak up the sun, max comfort in the garden

At the edge of the pool or on the terrace, the sun is the’essential accessory for l’summer ! And when he is comfortable, and a bubbly toned colour, it makes the happiness of all. Toggle, with a headrest and a bright lime green, it gives a big oomph to the decor of the garden !

Lounging by the pool on a sun bath

The fans of sunbathing crack for sure for this bath of sun ! For relaxing and reading a book to the’shadow with a sun visor adjustable and 5 slopes possible of the dossier, l’ambiance relaxing is waiting for you.

The balls of light do the deco of the garden

Beautiful decorative accessories to liven up the evening d’summer in the garden, these balls of light are programmable to change colour according to our moods and charge d’lighting by beauty and create in the garden an atmosphere of shimmering, unique, and fun ! Effect deco guaranteed for lamps to have on the terrace, on the lawn or at the edge of the pool !

A wooden chest to store everything in the garden

For the storage of furniture and garden accessories, a wooden s’integrates perfectly without damaging the decor of the garden. A good solution also to avoid the aisles and returns to the garage in order to store and protect from weather tools and garden furniture at the end of the season ! Do you offer a garden sheds functional to develop on the bottom of the garden for optimal organization.

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