How to disassemble a pallet wood ?

A DIY deco for knowledge to disassemble a pallet before making a piece of furniture you tent ? With the right tools and the right gestures, Deco Cool presents you the easiest method. You then give free rein to your inspiration to make a table, a garden lounge, a headboard, pallet or any other piece of furniture on the basis of the recycling !

Responding to the rising trend of the decoration of recycling and the fun of doing it yourself, the deco palette, s’possession of our interior and the garden. Thus, by a simple transformation, it is easy to make the head of the bed to customize the decor of the room, make a coffee table, a lounge, a garden or the most original yet, and right in the trend decor, a Christmas tree in wood from a pallet.
Recovered in the bulky, purchased at a specialist in his area, or online, the pallets assume most of the time d’be removed before they turn into furniture. An exception however is made for the bed in the palette which is constructed by the attachment of 3 to 8 whole pallets according to qu’il s’acts d’a bed d’one or two people.
So, regardless of your project to the furniture palette, this is a DIY decoration to disassemble a pallet wood following the steps of the technique of the men of l’art of diy.

1. Choose a palette of good quality

Select a palette of wood of good quality because even if the pallets used can be removed more easily some of the ties are damaged and are not recoverable. The more the hud will be in good condition, the more you can reclaim wood for your furniture. A whole palette corresponds roughly to 12 m length of timber.

2. Place the palette on the right side to remove nails

Do not try to disassemble your pallet wood with traditional tools ! Industrial pallets are built with nails, annular which are very difficult to remove. Please bring with you instead d’a reciprocating saw or metal, and place the wood pallet on the side, pressed against a wall and start to disassemble the’assembly by cutting the nails from the top to the bottom.

3. Perform the same operation on l’back of the palette

You have finished disassembling the front of your palette, go back there and repeat the’operation on l’back. Proceed the same way from the top to the bottom by removing the nails one by one to each plank of wood.

4. This is your palette completely dismantled

Seen on Old World Garden the
and lo And behold, check out the work ! By dismantling your pallet you’ve collected a pile of beautiful boards. How to s’in use now ? You choose : to manufacture a storage for shoes, a piece of furniture, a hanging garden on the balcony, create shelves for the’entrance or the kitchen … the DIY deco palette do not fail to satisfy your creativity !

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