A cosy bedroom is bright and fitted in the conservatory

Arrange a room at a conservatory to get more brightness and have a room open on the garden, what a joy ! Discover a deco room, cosy and full of charm conducive to rest.

 This is a lovely idea to sleep well, which will dream more d’a ! Room full of your interior and ultra-trendy, the veranda dramatically expands the home and provides extra space that opens onto the garden through large windows. And when the house takes up its quarters in the conservatory, what a great opportunity to be able to fall asleep looking at the stars or waking up every morning with a beautiful view on l’outside ! Thanks to the high performance of thermal and sound insulation, but also in terms of security allowing you to filter the noise to keep the ideal temperature in the room, without entering nor heat, nor cold, this veranda – bedroom provides a comfortable space and peaceful, open to the’outside while preserving the’privacy from prying eyes. Bathed in natural light by day and lit by the moon and a sky studded with stars at night, this piece will offer you unique moments and magical the more close to the nature to enjoy peaceful nights. A development ideal and original thanks to a room conducive to rest and tranquility ! Of what to let go to reverie and relaxation every night by being totally in harmony with nature…

© Life & Veranda

The veranda hosts a room cozy and bright

© Life & Veranda

This is a room cocoon ultra light taking place on a veranda in which the finish is delicately coloured in grey pearl which will not fail to offer you nights 100% soothing ! Open to the’outside, the garden is so close to you in this room cosy, and l’privacy is preserved thanks to the glazing opaque, that we can link this to shutters. Glazing laminated ensures a perfect security for a bubble of comfort and well-being to spend nights unique ! Veranda CARLA, Range NATURE, Available in 6 colours, Finish Ebenista, tile roof mechanical terracotta &vec insulating, 4 frames, glass roof, aluminum Frame with thermal breaks, Dimensions, custom-made, 10 year Warranty.

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