Arrange garden furniture with pallets wood

The garden invites the furniture in the palette to its construction and its decoration. Garden lounge in pallet living wall, coffee table, window box, wooden pallet, make the full d’ideas for landscaping your garden with pallets and make a decorative outdoor trend and not expensive !

The good decoration idea when’we want to review l’landscaping the garden with garden furniture cheap and original c’is the pallet wood ! Whether it be for a garden, a coffee table pallet, window box, wooden original, or a green wall, construction, outside with pallets s’inscribed in the trend of deco but is also creative and economic. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas spotted on Pinterest to find the vanity palette that will appeal to your garden.

A garden in the palette version sofa d’angle

This is a garden that is easy to achieve by simply using pallets ! All d’first, paint your pallet the color that you want. For sofa (d’angle, you n’did that’stacking of pallets one on top of the other and screw the pallets to the vertical to achieve the folder. For the coffee table, a pallet prepared by earth is enough. Finally, put big cushions to decorate everything and get more comfort. Planning is super simple to achieve that echoes the lovely brise vue palette.

A low table palette to play to the ladies in his garden

L’originality is at the rendez-vous with this coffee table that acts as a giant draughts ! To reproduce it, just stack two pallets l’on l’other, attach casters on the bottom and be sure to have your most beautiful brush ! Paint the checkerboard pattern directly on the tea table with black paint and white. A coffee table decoration for the garden that invites to conviviality !

On the same principle as the coffee table earlier, make this coffee table in palette, very elegant for an outside chic and welcoming. Thanks to casters, you can move it where you want it, in the sun or l’shade according to your desires. Mixed with the armchairs rattan furniture and beautiful cushions, the decor is insured in the garden !

A row of garden natural palette

It is sometimes difficult to find ideas for a beautiful aisle of the garden! Pallets, here is a tip decoration very easy to achieve to get there. Disassemble pallets of wood to recover the ties and realize a small alley, pressing the rails into the earth. An idea a natural decor of the garden very on-trend and a driveway that does not lack charm.

A garden in wood’s original palette

For planting your plants and flowers in planter boxes in wood and original decor, complete with pallet wood. To do this, remove all of your palettes and nail-to make a planter high. N’not forget to protect the wood l’interior with a tarpaulin geotextile and the’case is in the bag. You n’did that’to fill in the planter palette potting soil and planting your flowers in the sun. Tip deco : also Think of exquisite to fill your pallets, this plant varieties which are multiple s’lends itself perfectly

A green wall in wooden pallets for the garden flower

The flowers and the colors s’invite on the walls of the garden with this wall plant palette deco. L’idea is simple. Cut the pallets to the size you want to achieve your vegetal wall is asymmetrical. Paint each color in a different color and hang them on the wall with hooks solid. Then, fill dirt and attach your plants and flowers between the ties. A decoration idea quick for a nice rendering on a wall of the garden.

A square of garden wooden pallets to accommodate the vegetable garden

a vegetable garden raised 100% in palette to grow salads and other vegetables, here’s an idea-trend and practical ! Here, it was completely taken apart three pallets and it was screwed back on the railroad ties between them to d’a square raised. A good idea vegetable garden that s’calls also on the balcony in a smaller format.

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