7 deco terraces with greenery

The decor of the terrace, embellished d’shrubs and flowering plants c’is a small oasis, very pleasant to spend a l’summer and this n’is not the terrace in town who will say the opposite ! Exotic plants, vines, rose bushes and other shrubs in pots, take a cue from these ideas, decoration terrace that invite to the scenery to create yours.

 With the beautiful days arrive, we want d’a landscape terrace that transforms into a little corner of paradise green… While this is a decorative d’a terrace in the city, or the d’a house in the country, exit old planters in plastic ! They are replaced by a deco floral romantic or a terrace, while wood exotic look. Bordered d’a beautiful hedge or d’an alley garden plant, it is too beautiful our terrace!!!

Liven up the deco d’a terrace in the city with plants

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summery feel worthy of a real garden on the small terrace in the city ! The slabs of cement on the ground to help the transition, and allow you to install a lovely garden in the wood that bends after the meal. The edge of this terrace in length very tidy are landscaped with shrubs and two jars of old in the background to make the full of greenery. And why book the vases of cut flowers inside the house ? Our patios also have a right to it !

Create a hedge decoration on a wooden deck

Deco exotic rigour on this wood deck when calls nature ! Plants are at work in choosing climbing varieties, which, in a few years, will coat completely the breeze-view in wood. Other outdoor plants at a lower altitude, such as a rose or flowers garlic, are planted in pots in terracotta or planter boxes, wooden. As soon as they bloom, they will bring a touch of additional color to the terrace.

Decorate the terrace with shrubs in pot

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It is not cowed by his terrace : this is not because we did not garden we may not have trees ! Young shrubs, like a small fig tree, are suited to growth in a pot, as on this wooden terrace design bohemian. In the winter, you can enjoy this beautiful lush greenery from the living room, looking through the canopy. In the summer, we take the fees in the middle of the plants of the terrace dining friends on the garden table in teak.

A hedge decoration on the terrace to limit the vis-à-vis

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It is carried away by la dolce vita on this terrace lounge, tuscan-inspired. A bench seat with cushions, comfortable linen color and white is bordered by a hedgerow made up of young olive trees and small boxwood pruned into a ball. It camouflages the earth with cyclamens white for an elegance up on this mediterranean terrace.

Create a spirit oasis very deco on the terrace

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It’s like being in an oasis of greenery on the terrace of this house in brazil. A driveway garden wood composite lined with palm trees and green plants in jars fat leads to a covered terrace where it retires to take the charge. The garden furniture made of solid wood serves as a backdrop to yet more plants, including a trio of phalaenopsis orchids white. Attention, this variety normally grown indoors should be restricted to the shaded terraces, because they can’t bear the cold and the rays of the sun direct. For a terrace, very sunny, prefer varieties of outside.

the greenery on its terrace with planters

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By locating large boxes and planters on the terrace, we create a mini garden to blossom and to fill it with plants, as in here with big white hydrangea. You can even take advantage of trees for shade on a terrace too sunny, which will be appreciated by your guests at lunch time !

climbing plants to create its terrace of town

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We like the design ultra decoration of the terrace, the town to the castle-like, separated from the interior by a glass roof ! The deco-lush is affirmed by climbing plants for a look that’s virgin forest. They also provide shade to guests who want to relax on the terrace. A vine and other plants in large tubs in cement in a more contemporary style under the design of this terrace full of charm.

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