6 ideas to Pergola terrace and veil d’shading

protect from the sun quietly set under a pergola terrace or a veil d’shadow c’is nice. Unlike a conservatory, these two shelters outside cover of the terrace only by the roof, which is largely sufficient for s’shelter from the sun. Wooden Pergola, fencing reed bamboo, brande heather, veil d’shade fabric, check out our selection of d’landscaping terrace to choose how you are going to put you at l’away from the sun this summer.

Pergolas terrace and veil d’or shade to install for the’summer

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Superb atmosphere under the pergola covering the terrace with its roof canisse of big bamboo that filter the sun while creating a game d’shadow and light that s’anime at the discretion of the summer breeze. We love l’atmosphere total look of wood adopted for the decoration of the terrace with its table of wood scraps and coat rack manufactured home.

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in Front of the facade d’a provencal mas, a pergola brande heather covers the terrace slabs of stone, and calls to extend the breakfast until the refreshing dip in the swimming pool. Unlike the veil d’shading, the pergola in brande can stay in place throughout the’year on the terrace.

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Detour to l’ocean with this terrace d’a house of l’île de Ré. The transparency of the PVC plates corrugated to cover the pergola reinforces the magic of the terrace. The PVC provides protection without the problem and allows to put forward the’atmosphere-white blue without the mitigate l’effect bright white.

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Other invitation l’escape on this terrace with this sublime pergola created by the designer Vera Yacha for a house Greek. L’area of the terrace to l’away from the sun is delimited to the ground by a bright paint azure blue s’stop at l’plumb, the roof is strips of wood painted white. The cement benches made on site are painted in off-white to introduce the golden blond of the wooden wall that closes the bottom of the pergola.

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On the terrace length, d’a house in the U, a veil d’shade c’is convenient to extend l’impact protection provided by a store banne, d’as far as its mounting is no problem on the two parallel walls. Sail and awning are custom-made with the same color of canvas.

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Under the pergola in wood d’a terrace design in black and white, sofas and garden table to enjoy the light of the sun filtered through the openwork beams ipe tinted clear, leaving the rest of the terrace a direct exposure to the woodland garden.

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