4 offices to do it yourself very easily

C’is decided, you are going to install an office in the home history of work, a bit, and especially to take pleasure in process and file your paperwork daily. The solution expeditiously, c’has d’go out and fill a caddy in your great surface favorite. And well, we offer you to make you this famous office […]

8 Ideas d’design of small bathroom

A small bathroom can have delusions of grandeur ! Narrow, sloping ceilings or in length, while the bathroom is small, it requires a design that is optimized to gain maximum space. A real challenge in the c’is true, but don’t worry, simple, and effective, tricks of the trade d’development exist to give a small bathroom […]

7 deco terraces with greenery

The decor of the terrace, embellished d’shrubs and flowering plants c’is a small oasis, very pleasant to spend a l’summer and this n’is not the terrace in town who will say the opposite ! Exotic plants, vines, rose bushes and other shrubs in pots, take a cue from these ideas, decoration terrace that invite to […]

Skate a piece of furniture

Skate a piece of furniture, a good way to revamp and give it character. To achieve a patina on a piece of furniture, nothing more easy that this is an old piece of furniture, new or kitchen. L’effect patina requires some small preparations for the same result. Then chair, chest of drawers, table, wardrobe, kitchen […]