Wallpaper for stair deco and stylish


wallpaper to energize and refresh the decor of the stairs and these risers stylish in a jiffy ! All in all, revamp its stairs c’is easy as everything !


In the house, we do not l’impasse on the decoration for the stairs ! Crossing space important and unavoidable part of your interior, we must spoil the decoration of the stairs to the delight of the whole family ! After our article on the painting d’a staircase, and if it’s review of the deco risers with wallpaper ? He becomes an ally of size for the makeover steps and give it a style unmatched in our stairs ! With patterns, shapes and varied colors, the stairs become the stars of the house : colorful, natural, flowery or frieze of geometric decoration… you choose ! A decoration idea trend and easy to achieve with a pot of wallpaper glue and a few strips of wallpaper that will blend carefully with the decor, and lo and behold, the turn is played ! Then your rolls !

floral Pattern on the wallpaper of the risers of the stairs

The flowers s’invite and is the highlight of the decoration of the stairs ! In contrast with the white walls, the various pieces of paper painted with flowery patterns beautifully placed on the risers provide touches of color in the stairs to d’ambiance peps and bubbly, which does not lack charm !

wallpaper yellow for a staircase and gay friendly

The color yellow radiates the stairs, and highlights the passage of light through strips of paper painted canary yellow patterned white ultra original glued on risers so deco ! The atmosphere lightened up to ensure the good mood and joy in the house.

wallpaper pastel green for a wooden staircase coquet

Ramp wood, white walls and pastel colours, this is a combination soft and soothing that will seduce you for sure for the decoration of stairs ! A beautiful wallpaper beige pattern-pastel green decorates the risers to the atmosphere is ultra relaxed and flirtatious.

risers d’stairs colored with strips of wallpaper

lengths of original wallpapers, the mismatched and colorful scraps have been stuck on the risers of the stairs to d’enliven the decor with bright colors ! A trick fun recycling craft that will appeal to children and to the largest and which will avoid throwing away the rolls of wallpaper unused !

Deco natural in the stairs with a decorative wall-paper

in Order to make the passage agreeable, this staircase has opted for a deco natural and soothing with wallpaper laid on the risers to motif inspired by nature with trunk d’shafts white. 100% relaxation, this stairs elegant that wish to beautify the home !

paper painted with geometric patterns to decorate the stairs

A mix of geometric shapes, a pattern of wallpaper to the risers, and this is a deco d’stairs that does not go unnoticed in your home ! Colors, patterns, and shapes for a dynamic atmosphere and original that you will crack all the time !

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