Tiny house model

The ” Tiny house “, a small wooden house in green economic ! Environmentally friendly, these houses are mobile, in the very affordable prices are much less costly than a standard accommodation and are ideal to compensate for the rentals out of your price range.


The ” tiny house “, a small ecological habitat mobile

Fed up of paying rent, exorbitant on the town or in the mood for a space, “green” and pampering to rejuvenate, a vacation or energy savings ? The “tiny house ” is THE solution ! Come to d’North America and arrived in France barely two years ago, the small houses, ultra ecological wood called “tiny houses” are starting to gain momentum and to get people talking about them. Some built by professionals, others are building them-even the small home on wheels is in the air time.
Quick to make, very affordable and built with lightweight materials, and environmentally friendly, it can weigh a maximum of 3.5 tonnes in total ! For lovers of travel and traveller who are eager for movement, these small houses rolling back much less expensive than conventional housing, they totally respect the environment, and do not need a building permit.
With a trailer , they can be completely autonomous, internally displaced or deposited on land with the agreement of the town hall of your city. An ideal concept, to go on a vacation at a lower cost : Fancy a stop at the top of a mountain ? It will act as a cocoon ideal for a break in the winter sports or as a small den pampering to rest in the countryside, away from the noise, the pollution and the ruckus of the city. A small space between 30 000 and ? 40 000 ? in a constructor, and less than 20 000 ? in self-construction, to arrange and decorate according to your taste, with furniture, pallets or objects to retrieve for staying in the’green spirit !

The ” tiny house” , a small housing allows them to live simply, which contains only the essential, so that you can take everywhere and that integrates perfectly with a real approach of ecological habitat, with a low energy bill thanks to facilities 100% eco-friendly : solar Panels, water balloon, filter grey water and dry toilet. A choice of life, economic and ecological, the phenomenon of ” tiny house” , a new art of living that appeals more and more of the world !

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