Paneling in wood or PVC, a decorative wall-top trend

The paneling wood and new wood panelling, PVC, wall coverings became top trend for the decoration of the house. Long used to conceal the poor state of the walls, or restricted to mountain habitats the panelling shows, check out our selection of paneling for wall to decorate your walls including the bathroom and the kitchen.

wood Panelling, wood or PVC panel, the criteria for selecting

The panelling wood brings together all the qualitative elements and decorative wall cladding to integrate with a deco natural in the house. Today’hui offered in wood species are very varied, ranging from the pine panelling, or oak panelling in exotic woods such as mahogany or red cédar, the paneling is offered in finishes that s’adapt to all styles of decoration. Since the art deco style country house to contemporary décor or design, especially since the blades are available in widths much larger and finishes in new fields such as the wood paneling, brushed or painted in colors that are trends. It also presents the’advantage d’be an excellent phonic and thermal insulation.

To choose a panelling wood according to the’use of the room, a ranking from 1 to 5 provides a measure of its resistance to humid atmospheres. The paneling wood class 1 is exclusively reserved for interior rooms with no source d’humidity as the living room or bedroom. The Paneling wood class 5 has a high resistance to the exhibitions and humid and can therefore arise without the risk of mold in rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen.

The PVC panel, the little darling of the professionals of the decoration d’inside since the’enlargement of the ranges offered by manufacturers, has become a cladding very on-trend for all the parts of the house. Beyond his qualities as a rot-proof which allow you to place it in a bathroom or a kitchen, the PVC panel is also very easy to apply on all substrates by interlocking or l’aide d’a neoprene glue.

Panelling in fir grey in the living room

Photo : Castorama
cozy Atmosphere in the living room with a wall of panelling in fir brushed grey pebble. Dimensions of blades : L 205 cm 13.5 cm in width. Installation Type : Nailing, stapling, clipsable. 15.50 ? the M2 in Castorama

Panelling white wood kitchen and c’is compatible with

Photo : Castorama
dining area dedicated to breakfast in the kitchen, paneling in white pine for waking up gently.Dimensions of blades : L 240 cm by 9.5 cm wide. 10.90 ? the M2 in Castorama.

Panelling PVC imitation natural stone

photo : Castorama
A PVC panel fitted in an open kitchen on the show that demonstrates the decorative qualities of the coating on the wall. PVC panel, imitation stone taupe color.Dimensions of blades: L. 260 cm over width.37.5 cm 13.90 ? / m2 Castorama.

Panelling aspect brushed grey color

Photo : Lapeyre
A design atmosphere in the living room with the pine panelling to the large blades and the nice look of brushed steel-gray. Dimensions of Blades : l 200 cm width 13.5 cm. Panelling Duo Color pine Barrens 40,37 ? the m2 in Lapeyre.

Ambience chalet with wood panelling waxed

Photo : Lapeyre
Wood and light colors for a deco lounge 100% natural. Paneling in pine Barrens cotton large widths of blades up’to 19.5 cm and a Length of 200 cm. Finish hydro wax matte. Paneling Inspiration Terra, 44.17 ? the m2 in Lapeyre.

A bed-head panelling white wood

Photo : Castorama
The paneling wood, a good idea to make a bed head original in the room. Paneling fir brushed, white d’origin nordic. Dimensions of blades : L. 205 cm in width. 10.5 cm. 3.95 ? / m2 in Castorama.

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