Painting : the new trend colors Tollens and Flamingo

Peinture Tollens presents five contemporary colors and trendy around shades of pink, beige and green. At the time of writing, we discovered this collection of paintings inspired by Flamant for Tollens, and it tells you how to harmonize these colors deco to paint your pieces.

the new color peinture Tollens, and Flamant have arrived ! This year, five shades milling around the green and the pink that will do the deco contemporary of all the parts. Ballerina, Boa, Diva, Sixties and Zulu, these are the small names of these future best for paint a wall isolated, or entire piece for paint furniture with the greyish-green, powdery pink, khaki or light green. A palette of colors to paint with intense and elegant thoughts in collaboration with the belgian brand of contemporary furniture from Flamant.
Each color is combined with the’infinite with tones associated with or mixed. The green-grey value shades of grey and deep red roses powdered blend with shades of navy or beige in a chic khaki s’agree with blue, pink or l’orange to create a contemporary décor and the light green light the taupe and ecru…in Short, all a shades of shades sophisticated and authentic, to revamp its interior and give colors to your interior decoration.

A deco cosy lounge with a pink paint powder

© Paint Tollens, G. Gardette

Harmony soft and soothing for a deco lounge cozy with a pink paint powder. A tone of light ideal for highlighting a deco chic. Here, the pink color highlights the lines of the two low tables in wood and nurtures the small chair grey velvet. A light shade to also work with a pastel or navy blue to create a refined ambience in a bedroom or other room.
Paint pink ” Ballerina “, Flamingo, Paint Tollens.

Bright color paint green for entry-bubbly

© Paint Tollens, G. Gardette

A breath-taking, this deco l’entrance with his painting of light green color ! A grade super bright, that s’expressed completely in this image, with a coffee table in plexiglas and a large glass vase. The transparency of the glass responds to the brightness of the shades of green in a subtle game of reflections. Sparkling and vibrant, this fresh color s’harmonize well with shades of beige, ecru, taupe or grey. A paint to be applied on the walls d’a small dark room for the’enlighten and wake up.
Paint color green ” Sixties “, Flamingo, Paint Tollens.

chic with paint living room green

© Paint Tollens, G. Gardette

A green paint that wraps around the walls of the living room in a chic atmosphere. This frank and intense imposes its character in the decor and showcases the furniture and the ground that are associated with it. Here a sofa upholstered in grey fabric bead and a low wooden table take all their importance. A timeless colour that enhances the tones of gray and beige. Was married also with a deep red to create a deco intimate.
Paint color green ” Boa “, Flamingo, Paint Tollens.

Khaki, deep in colour to create a deco exotic

© Paint Tollens, G. Gardette

The khaki is a color of paint powerful and profound that like to pose the keys exotic in all the rooms. Coordinated here with the wooden floors and the leather chair, camel, khaki will be the most contemporary associated with shades of blue, pink or orange.
color Paint, khaki ” Zulu “, Flamingo, Paint Tollens.

boudoir Spirit in the small living room with pink paint pastel

© Paint Tollens, G. Gardette

color salon in soft shades of pink on the walls and gray green for the small armchair and the wooden column lead to a boudoir spirit in this small living room. Two shades to match without a false note in all the rooms. This painting rose s’integrates also with decor that is more contemporary to soften the line designer furniture.
Paint color pink ” Diva “, Flamingo, Paint Tollens.

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