Paint a wooden staircase with the Painting Renovation V33

Paint a staircase, l’astuce deco smart to renovate easily and cheap our wooden stairs ! The method is fairly simple d’that’with the right paint it n’is not necessary to strip and d’being applied to a sub-layer to a wooden staircase in good condition. Discover step-by-step, how to repaint a wooden staircase waxed, varnished or already painted with the paint for staircase Renovation V33.

Repaint a wooden staircase in 7 steps

Painting a staircase easily and without sanding in just a few steps. Has left l’staircase with the wood worn and bleached. The right l’staircase repainted in a beautiful anthracite grey. Paint V33 Renovations Floor and Stairs

1 : Start by get rid of the’staircase of all its dust by insisting on the corners and angles of each market.

2 : It is now necessary to degrease the’wooden staircase. To do this, not d’hesitation you launder l’ensemble de l’stairs l’aide d’a solution of water and detergent St Marc. N’hesitate on the amount of St Marc, to be dissolved in the’water. Then rinse with l’eau claire with a sponge.

lightly Sand and dust off is important prior to repainting a staircase to get a paint ultra-smooth and without defects

3 : After the complete drying of l’wooden staircase, perform a égrennage wood n’forget the corners and angles of each step, to paint with a glass paper (180gr). L’égrennage n’is not a sanding white wood, it can remove the residues of wax and varnish that have survived the leaching of l’stairs. Dust off afterwards with a lint-free cloth.

4 : Protect the bottom of walls at l’aide d’a masking tape of the type Tape Tesa Eco by following the edges of the’stairs, avoiding to overlap the wood that is going to be repainted.

The preparation of the wood is complete, you now start the part of the renovation of l’staircase the most fun !

5 : Apply a layer of Preparation of Floors and Stairs V33 starting from the top of the’stairs. Paint the corners of each step, l’aide d’a brush in the direction of the fibers of the wood, then the flat of the marches and counter-walk on l’aide d’a nap roller mid-long crossing passes. Finish with a single pass of the roller in the direction of the fibres of the wood.

Stairs wood, painted with Painting Renovation Floor & Staircase Colours Tarmac V33

Step 6 : After drying of the preparation, (allow 1 to 2 hours depending on the ambient temperature) and mix well the paint, Renovation, Flooring & Stairs V33 l’aide d’a large stick, apply a first coat of paint with the same procedure as for the preparation of : 1 – Do the corners with the brush 2 – paint the marches and counter-marches with a roll mid-long hair( (9 to 12mm), crossing the passes.

7 : Let dry for 3 hours and apply a second coat in the same way. Let dry for 3 hours again. The optimum resistance of the paint is obtained after about 15 days.

below ideas colors and styles to dress up your escwingmen version nice. And don’t miss our ideas colors for painting a wooden staircase.

Example d’stairs made of wood repainted in black, which gave l’opportunity to repaint the boom it also in yellow light that wakes up the white walls.

A good idea to dress up a wooden staircase : paint it with two colors of paint. Tip : choose the darkest color for the center of the market, l’stairs will be brighter !

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