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Tired of doing the cleaning with your old blades ? Break free of this constraint thanks to the’vacuum cleaner connected to Roomba 980 ! Signed by the brand iRobot, the vacuum cleaner round like a pancake and totally autonomous creeps everywhere and connects Wi-Fi to allow you to control it remotely. Deco Cool lifts the veil on this object connected to innovative ready to revolutionize your daily life.

A vacuum cleaner stand-alone releases of the household

We knew the furniture connected, here is the version 2.0 of the vacuum sensors, the Roomba 980 makes a jump in l’innovation in technology and home automation. This vacuum cleaner is completely autonomous n’needs it more than l’one moves to the’turn. Connected by Wi-Fi, remote control via l’application iRobot Home. So you can decide when to trigger it, select the cleaning program that you want (carpet, tiles…) But also to receive real-time information on l’device such as its battery level or even the’state of filling of the bag and, if necessary, l’explanation for the change.

And the functionality of this object connected to revolutionary for the’maintenance of the house go even further. L’Roomba vacuum cleaner 980 also has d’a camera on the front. Tilted 45° to the top, it allows you to take photos and d’mapping of l’place where it is to be able to locate and d’be even more self-contained. Thanks to this function, l’vacuum will no longer remain stuck under a piece of furniture or under the bed ! Even better, after having established the virtual map of the house, this vacuum cleaner intelligent will itself find its charging base when its battery is low.

Small bonus that s’is very useful : iRobot has been installed on l’vacuuming a system of “géofencing” that prevents the vacuum from moving to certain places. The bowl of the dog not to risk then more d’be reversed !

Roomba Vacuum cleaner 980 by iRobot, 790 euros,
Lists of stores resellers on the website irobot.be

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