Make decoration a Christmas with recycling is it nice !

To customize its decoration of Christmas we think of recycling ! Deco table, crown, Christmas balls, fir wood, garlands, make his deco-Christmas with the objects of recovery becomes child’s play ! Deco Cool was selected on Pinterest a few ideas ultra easy to achieve for a deco Christmas single that will dream the whole family.

Ideas cool decoration Christmas produce with a spirit déco récup

Last line right to beautify the home and enhance its decoration of Christmas ! There is still time to inspire your guests for the holidays with a decoration breathtaking. For a deco Christmas original and clever, here are a few ideas that are very easy to achieve using simple objects recovery : A centerpiece of Christmas, a beautiful christmas tree in the wooden pallets, paper lanterns made of cans of recycling and candle holders home-made with everyday objects, recycled… decorating ideas Christmas to make with odds and ends of scraps not expensive do not lack for Christmas in a magical and fairy-like.

Make your Christmas tree in wooden pallets

To break the codes and replace the real Christmas tree which leaves are thorns everywhere in the house, there is nothing better that’a fir wood original made with a simple palette. Start by removing a palette of wood, then cut the ties to l’aide d’a saw that you attach to a crosspiece of 140cm. Drop the presents at the foot of the fir wood, and decorate the d’a pretty garland of light : The tower is played !

The reindeer to make for decoration of Christmas table

Enhance your decor for Christmas table by making reindeer miniature using cork stoppers, sticks of wood and small decorative accessories. Assemble, arrange the small reindeer of Father Christmas on your table on the evening of new year’s eve, for decoration, personalized and original. Ultra simple to make and decorate with kids !

pretty lights of Christmas to decorate your table

A Christmas table that sparkles with a thousand lights thanks to photophores hyper original. Use of the large glass, fill with the d’water and simple twigs, add a white candle to finish. Simple and effective as a deco Christmas for a whole table lit up !

A crown of welcome in cardboard tubes for recycling

A crown of welcome on the door d’entry to welcome guests at Christmas, c’is the place to be ! Make yours a family with children. Use cardboard tubes from toilet paper and sopalin in different sizes, attach them with strong glue, decorate Christmas balls, and finally, hang your wreath super original at the porte d’entry with string for a warm welcome.

A candle holder Christmas 100% recycled materials

Make a candle holder original and custom objects of recovery, to put on the table, on the mantelpiece or in the hallway. Decorate a large jar d’a piece of lace, small pine cones picked up in the garden and twigs of fir tied with a string, and finally put a small white candle at the bottom of the jar. Simple and effective for a beautiful decoration for Christmas.

A Christmas wreath to make with pine cones

Make a beautiful Christmas wreath with pine cones collected from the wild. Camber the pine cones in white, with artificial snow, screw hooks on the ass of the pine cones and hang them along d’a ribbon. A deco ultra original and very “nature” to decorate your tree, hang it on the wall or to decorate her Christmas table !

Retrieve your old Christmas balls

The Christmas balls of the’last year you seem to ringardes ? Don’t panic, give them a second life in the cutomisant and decorating them with fabrics, strips, scraps of fabric of linen or cotton, depending on your tastes and colors of the moment, a decorative 100% recycled materials, personalized and adapted to your desires !

Bouquet d’Christmas stars to do it yourself

Decorate your table d’a pretty bouquet d’stars are sharp for the holidays. Draw stars l’aide d’weighed pieces on newspapers colored, cut out and paste the peers d’stars at the end of pikes to skewer. Have your bouquet on the Christmas table for decoration starry original or drag in the folding of the towel for Christmas.

the Manufacture of our lanterns Christmas in tin can recycling craft

For a warm Christmas, nothing better than small lanterns light anywhere in the house. Make your own with cans of recycling and decorate the grounds at l’aide d’a drill, or d’a tendril. To finish off camber-the color, drop some tea light candles in the bottom of each lantern and arrange them on your Christmas table, next to the fireplace or in the hallway for the holidays. A deco bottle to a dim ambience and festive for Christmas !

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