Make A Base With Paper Painted C’is Nice

A bed in a room of the house c’is the’opportunity to make a nice decoration with stripes of colors that make the different between the top and bottom of the wall, brighten and enlarge a hallway or room for example. And if you n’has no basement, just d’create one with a wooden stick. For the deco d’a basement there is a painting, but even more easy and pleasant, the wallpaper stripes !

Make a base with the wallpaper stripes

The two ideas that are the most frequent for the deco d’bedrock, c’is the paint d’a different color from the top of the wall, or when the’one asks of the wallpaper, always to create a nice decoration we painted part of the basement, with either one color of the colors of wall-paper or even with paint in contrast to an effect deco more punchy. A third idea decoration of base, c’is the’reverse, put the paper on the bottom and paint the top of the wall. Wallpaper in stripes of the decoration d’a base, a tip deco, which allows us to make d’two birds with one stone ! It gives a rhythm fun to the room while increasing d’impression of height and volume as the vertical stripes increase the’impression of height and that the solid color is positioned on the top of the wall so it avoids the need to create the’effect, small but real, of the “compaction” of the volume of the room ! C’is also a good idea to refresh the deco d’a room without having to redo all the deco.

1 – Start by taking the measurement of the basement, between the picture rail and the baseboard. Then plot this measurement on a l’towards the roll of wallpaper by adding 10 cm more. Those little extra inches will help to correct some of the height differences along the underbody which happens often in a old building.
2 – To cut lès wallpaper well right, position a square or d’a rule d’a little over 51 cm long on the edges of the paper so as to form a right angle and then cut the wall paper with the cutter by maintaining a pressure on the ruler. Cut the number of les needed to line the length of the underbody.
3 – Encollez all the strips of wallpaper, taking care to load the glue on the outside, fold in half and book.

4 – Bend a first strip and submit the on the basement wall, letting it overflow a small margin of paper painted at the top and bottom of the wall. With a spatula or a brush, marouflez releasing on the edges to remove the bubbles d’air.

5 – Lay subsequent strips in the same way on the length of the base by adjusting edge-to-edge. L’advantage d’a paper painted with stripes, c’is that’it doesn’and not bother with the fittings of reasons ! Marouflez then move the caster to be attached to secure the edges of the paper.

6 – Marouflez again along baseboards and the wand high in the basement, and then by helping you d’a rule cut out the strips of excess wallpaper with a utility knife.

And here’s the result of our work, the bedrock of our room blue and white nicely layouted with the wallpaper !
Photographer William Oliver

required Materials and adhesive and for easy installation d’set a wallpaper on a basement :

– Glue Ready to put Max All wallpapers Métylan
– A cutter
– A rule
– A spatula to rub
– A roulette-wallpaper

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