Make an array of slate with a case of wood

A table slate you need in a corner of the kitchen as a reminder. L’bought everything made is a first solution, the expense n’is not huge, but all have fun by making it yourself ! This is a tutorial for making a chalkboard with stand chalk with crates wood l’on va s’fun to transform.

Make a table slate for its small memo

Here is a way pleasant to create a blackboard itself from simple wooden crates, light crates that you pick up easily at your local greengrocer or at the end of the market. These crates you’re going to break with common tools to give it the look of a table of slate, a fresh coat of paint to the table and, Oops, hang on the table’s memo in a prominent place on a kitchen wall or above the desk. In a few steps, here’s how :

A l’aide d’a screwdriver remove all staples from crates to pry the pieces of wood. Get the sides, the bottom and the rods of the corners.

Sand all pieces of wood to the glass paper 120gr, dust off all the boards. Paint then the bottom of the crate in 2 layers of paint, slate-colored or black, for example, with with chalkboard paint and Scribble of Home Deco ( 11 colours) or Idéstyl (16 colors).

Ask the 2 larger lengths of the sides of the crate flat on the table and l’aide d’a rule locate and use a pencil to trace of wood in the middle on the 2 plates corresponding to the length of the table black. Paste the double-sided the edge of the 2 boards that will form the support for the table. Attach the black panel by exerting a small pressure to ensure the’grip.

Paste a double thickness of the laths and fasten them on the top and bottom of the table, l’frame nicely.

Attach the wand d’angle recovered on the crate on the bottom of the table to create one based chalks or pencils. Screw the back a hook round to secure the frame to the wall.

Protect the exterior of l’slate with masking tape Tesa and go a coat of varnish on the raw boards in order to give your table a nice satin appearance.

Your creation is complete, and you can be proud of ! A few chalks and white magnets are waiting for your little memos and shopping lists !

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