Laménagement d’a studio of 29 m2, well-thought out

Optimize l’space, the challenge of all those who live in a studio. Bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom are competing for the square meters, and their rivalry often turn to backcombing hair. By definition, in a studio, the floor surface area n’is not at the rendezvous, one of the solutions to get the best part, c’has d’invest the available height to accommodate the room for example. A successful example with l’the development of this studio of 29 m2 revisited by the cabinet d’architects 3XA.

Laménagement d’a studio with independent room

For design, l’the development of this studio, the cabinet d’architects 3XA Poland had two missions : to make it more spacious, while separating it from l’living area, kitchen and bathroom and create a separate bedroom. Single solution to optimize the’floor space, creating a mezzanine at mid-height to fit the room and to dedicate the 29 m2 the day part. L’staircase leading to the room allows you to create storage space for books and knick-knacks that n’encroach not on the surface. To furnish the room of bath, a block has been mounted in squares of plaster which allows d’isolate the living room while creating a small corridor of distribution. The kitchen is open to the living room offers all the comfort the’one wants to find with his furniture and cabinets are installed at the maximum height.

To build the mezzanine, storage space under stair that leads to the bedroom and the kitchen table , a chipboard left raw full l’harmony of neutral colors chosen for the decoration of the studio. We love the only touch of colour provided by the yellow armchair. On the cooking side, the block wall bathroom painted black gives l’illusion d’a door that is s’opening to another space.

L’a space created under the mezzanine is operated at the maximum to house the dressing room and the library. We love the PVC coating in black and white which gives rhythm to the volume.

L’development at the height of the kitchen furniture compensates for the lack of width, and offers all the necessary comfort.

The small podium that houses the sofa and the office allows you to create a real seating area without compromising on the surfaces.

On the high table, made to measure, you can eat two without any problem.

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