DIY decor : Make a door plant original with 3 times nothing

A door plant it will not only be on the edges of the window, it hangs, it s’hooks in the wall at l’inside the house, on the terrace or the balcony and it can even make with objects of recycling ! C’is why Deco Cool has decided to present you 4 DIY deco for hanging your plants in your interior or simply to decorate your garden. C’is crazy what the’one can do with a flower pot…

Door plant suspension to do it yourself

rope, a plank of wood recovered and we’re ready to make a suspension which is nice for our flower pots

To achieve this suspension for pots of plants you will need :the
d’a piece of plate scraps, 4 to 5 flower pots in terra cotta, d’a big metal ring, d’a coil of rope, d’a hook, d’a jigsaw, d’a drill, d’a little paint and d’a brush.
1. Ask on the board, a pot of flowers at l’upside down and draw a square around it, leaving 3 cm around the pot and then cut to saw as much wood squares to the pots to suspend.
2 Position again with a pot overturned in the middle d’a piece of wood and trace the rim of the pot. remove the pot and draw a circle in the’inside that footprint, another smaller circle about 0.5 from the edge. Repeat the’operation for each square.

3. A l’using the jigsaw, cut out the’within this second circle for each of the pieces of wood. It is advisable to set up the square of wood on a table edge to l’aid of a vise for cutting easier.
4. Boards and cut, make a mark in the 4 corners about 1.5 cm from each edge and then drill to the’using’a drill bit 8, or 10 depending on the section of rope that you have chosen to suspend your plants.
5. To strengthen the’effect deco suspension, door plant, at least of the find already colored in a large area (there are strings of red, blue, yellow, green and even black ) it is nice to paint it. For this brush, and tube of acrylic paint will be the’case.
6. It remains that’to give form to the suspension : Cut 4 equal lengths of string and tie them all to one end. Insert l’a metal ring in the knot and hang it on a hook.

to finish off the suspension, just knot the strings under the brackets of the pots !

7. drag the first square of wood in the strings and make a knot directly under l’shelf wood ensuring that the board is level. and do the same for the other boards leaving a gap adapted to the height of the plants. (n’not forget that plants grow !) to make them easy, it is easiest to place the flower pot in the hole to estimate the’required gap between each shelves. Once finished, cut l’excess rope, leaving 4 to 5 inches below the last knots. Source : design sponge . com

My old chandelier, wrought iron becomes a door plant…

Update of the baroque in the garden, c’is possible with a chandelier, door plant to suspend to the’outside.

An old chandelier, terra cotta pots, glue, and the turn is played.

you just need to color in the’using’a can of spray paint in the colour of your choice your chandelier to give it a facelift, and then attach it to the’help of mortar, or glue extra strong pots of the land cooked to the’planned location for the bulbs.

Hanging in the garden, this chandelier of greenery made its effect, it brings a touch of deco considerable and l’originality in a place usually monotonous.

Make a door plant with a pallet wood

With the palette flowery produce the stuff itself appears to be a game d’child. Accessorize for maximum effect.

It is easy to find pallets almost anywhere and even for free. The potential deco wooden pallets for a long time been neglected but in recent years many decorators and artists l’use to create new objects to decorate the’inside.

Here, take a wooden pallet classic and then add shelves. It just d’add a plank of marine plywood under the set of parallel rails constituting the palette. The box has been created serves as the container in which you drop to the soil and plants directly.

And then everything is good to wear plants

A mug and a tong, an unlikely pairing that gives a result that is original and practical for a door plant.

We ignore too often the treasures decorative abound in our interiors. Who would have thought that’it was possible to make two mugs and d’a pair of flip-flops, a door plant wall.

For this, it n’there is nothing easier than to take an old pair of flip-flops and two cup coffee . Insert the mugs between the two bands of the mules, to strengthen the whole, secure the two elements has l’aide d’a glue gun. Hang this beautiful door crashes to the wall, place a small green plant or flowers and enjoy your creation ! Of course, aromatic plants and hanging will also be the pride of your garden !

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