Make a deco wall with small mirrors

mirrors, c’is perfect to boost the deco d’a wall or d’one-piece bad ! With this DIY deco ultra simple you are going to do it quickly with three dots of glue and lots of small mirrors, a decorative wall at the top to admire your pretty face !

Wake up a wall or put on a loose value in no time with this DIY decor to do with mirrors alone or with your children.
just d’a little bit of glue and lots of small mirrors and Deco Cool does the rest by showing you how to make in no time, a wall decorations very graphic current to makeover artsy way corner of a room. In bathroom mirror, over d’a chest of drawers in the room, on a console in the living room or the’entry… you see we still need d’a small mirror at home !


The material that’it, you need to :

  • small mirrors of the same dimensions. If you use mirrors to retrieve made the cut in the form of hex, otherwise you can easily find ready-to-paste in the store (lots of mirror in Castorama, Leroy Merlin…)
  • the special adhesive for the mirror.

1. Place the small mirrors flat

Take all of your small mirrors and positonnez them flat on a table to visualize their future provision on the wall. As soon as you are satisfied with the result of the composition, take the photo. It will be simpler to check the’assembly if you have a doubt at the time of sticking the mirrors on the wall.
Locate then on the wall the position of each mirror, checking your model took a photo of it. Draw a small pencil line to each marker. If you are creative and you want to make a pattern on the spot no problem ! Just remember to use a meter and use a level to maintain a rectilinear shape.

2. Place the glue on the corners of mirrors

Clean with a soft cloth to the back of each mirror and place a dot of glue to each edge of the mirror. Most glues are immediate. If your children are close to you, attention that’they do not stick to the fingers !

3. Attach the mirrors on the wall

Fix on the wall the mirrors one-by-one according to the model chosen. Check with the photo of your composition, or follow the guides drawn earlier on the wall. Hold for a few seconds the glass against the wall, pressing down firmly on it and continue until’to the last. Whatever the final structure, it is better to start from the top to avoid the traces of dirt on the other mirrors.

4. Do you admire your new wall decorations

When all the mirrors are glued, clean with a soft cloth dampened d’a bit of cleaning glass or d’rubbing alcohol and watch the result ! Congratulations, you just pulled a deco wall top trend to personalize your home !

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